Why travel more and why traveling is good for you


Traveling is nice! Traveling is good for you! It can be to a nearby destination for a couple of days, or a long trip far away for weeks or months. Why travel more and why I am convinced that traveling is good for everybody.

I will tell you why travel more and why traveling is good for you and what can learn from it!

1. You learn to put things into perspective

Putting things into perspective is a valuable quality that you develop if you travel. Traveling is the confrontation with the world in which you live. We are very well off in our country and the majority of our problems can be managed! By traveling to Laos or Cambodia for example, you will be immediately confronted with poverty and the uncertain future for many people there. The most important thing is that you realize how rich you are after you have seen real poverty! And this puts things into perspective, believe me. This is an important reason why to travel more!

why travel more, Why travel more and why traveling is good for you

2. You meet interesting people and become more social

I often meet inspiring people during my travels. These are other travelers and the locals. You come across these people less frequently in your everyday life. It is inspiring and motivating to have a discussion with these people. In Saigon, I spoke with an 87 year old post office employee and he told me the fascinating story of his life and his experiences during the Vietnam War. These are the highlights of my trips for me! Through these discussions with complete strangers, you will also become a little more social after your trip.

3. You learn to be flexible

At least if you are traveling independently. Buses and trains are not on time, your hotel is overbooked, etc. Time has a completely different meaning in many countries than what we are used to in the Netherland. It is not so strict and if you make a fuss about it, it will not help make progress at all. A tuk tuk driver in New Delhi, for example, often says little about how long the ride will last. The whole structured and planned way of living is often a cause for stress and the flexibility that you learn about when traveling is very nice.

why travel more, Why travel more and why traveling is good for you

4. You can live off of the memories for years

If I look back to the previous years, a number of lovely moments pop up immediately and they are all moments that I have experienced while traveling. Priceless, unique, and very special! If you have a bad day, you simply dig into your memories and your mood is immediately improved. In this way, I can become very happy by reminiscing how nice it was in a hot air balloon over Bagan. Or how enormously impressed I was when I saw for the first time the beaches in the Phillipines. It is guaranteed that I will get a smile on my face from thinking about it!

5. It makes you more tolerant

Your view of the world and other people really becomes more open and broad through traveling. It sounds like a cliché but it is the honest truth. Respect for other cultures, faiths, or people who think differently in any way come on its own if you come into contact with these people. I had never thought that the people in Iran would be the most hospitable and sweet people I have ever met. Surely, you often see in the news stories about Iran that are not very positive. You develop this open and tolerant view of everyone when traveling and you will greatly benefit from it, also at home.

why travel more, Why travel more and why traveling is good for you

6. You get a better overview of things

Getting away from everything and everyone at home makes sure that you knowingly (or unknowingly) get an emptier head. Things that you did not realize often fall into place because of breaking away from your regular patterns. You will simply have a better overview of everything! After having traveled, therefore, you will immediately pick up your everyday life full of energy and new ideas. I decided to put my life and thoughts on hold for a while and ended up on the paradise-like island Koh Payam, and here I had some of the best ideas!

7. Your self-confidence grows

Traveling makes your more self-confident. Of course, anything can go wrong when you travel and you must solve your own problems. There are various choices that you must make in a day. But what is the good thing about this? You will notice that it all works out in the end! When traveling, you must push your boundaries. This ensures that you can be proud of yourself for making it in a foreign country. And if you have made it there, then you can also make it at home!

These are, as far as I am concerned, reasons why travel more an why it’s is good for you. I am really curious as to what your opinion is! Do you agree what I’ve written why to travel more?


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