What went wrong in my journey?


I travel a lot and something goes wrong on a regular basis. It means I have had to visit a doctor in quite a few countries. I am a bit of a clumsy person and I can also be a little nonchalant. Not a good combination! But sometimes I’m just full of bad luck. It does not matter how much I’ve traveled, because I keep the doctor’s visits when I’m traveling. These doctor visits are the less pleasant things of traveling, but I have accepted that it is part of it. After all, it has happened to me so often, that I have become accustomed to it in the meantime. So if you think that I never went wrong in my journey, then after reading this blog you will know that it is certainly not the case!

What went wrong in my journey? Where and why did I visit the doctor abroad?

Broken toes in the Wadi Rum desert Jordan

One of the most beautiful places I have ever been is the Wadi Rum Desert in Jordan. And that is exactly the place where I have broken two toes and things went so wrong in my journey to Jordan! Just by walking awkwardly against a stone. For me, the local guide has brutally splinted it with a twig.

The result was that I, the days that followed the trip, had to walk on a sock, since my shoe no longer fitted.

Fortunately the guide had arranged a second hand shoe of 2 sizes larger and I could walk the walk in Petra with a lot of pain and effort. The result of the heavy-handed splinting of the toes was that I had podo therapy in the Netherlands for my toes for a while, because the toes had grown so crooked.

journey went wrong, What went wrong in my journey?

Appendix inflammation in India

I was a huge bad luck bird because I got a appendix inflammation in Goa, India. Pure bad luck, but above all a very bad timing! I got sick and thought it was food poisoning and therefore I walked on too long. Because of this, ultimately there was no choice and I had to have it removed in a hospital in India.

There I lay alone in a hospital where I could not understand the doctors. Horrible!

Fortunately, the insurance flew over my father a few days after the operation. He took care of me and helped me to recover. In India, your family has to take care of you (arranging food and drinks) in a hospital. Two weeks after the operation, I flew back to the Netherlands with my father to continue to recover at home.

journey went wrong, What went wrong in my journey?

Fallen from my bike in Bali

I love cycling and I often travel on it but sometimes things went wrong in my journey when I go cycling. Similarly at Bali, I went cycling through the rice fields with a group and a guide. So beautiful, that I had a little more attention for the environment than for the road. Because it went well for a few hours, I was a bit nonchalant unfortunately. I thought I could cycle off the mountain at a good pace. Lovely to let the wind blow through my hair and feel the feeling of freedom and adrenaline. That did not go well and I fell hard on the ground on the road that is pictured here. The result was a thick knee that I had a few days of problems.

journey went wrong, What went wrong in my journey?

Taken by a wave on Nusa Penida

The great island of Nusa Penida in Bali, for me, the place has become where I have my feet at the bottom completely removed and where my passport is drowned. I stood on a rock for a while to watch the waves that each time so powerfully beaten up. After half an hour, I thought it was time to take a cool picture. (see below).

I was a little too enthusiastic and the wave was completely over me and I fell on the rocks.

Since I was on slippers, after my fall I stood barefoot on the sharp rocks. The result is that my feet were still open for 2 weeks at the bottom and every step I took hurt. My backpack with all my stuff was also completely soaked and my passport was drowned. All stamps were wiped out, but luckily the customs did not make a problem out of it. I did have to apply for a new passport in the Netherlands.

journey went wrong, What went wrong in my journey?

Painful foot in the Philippines

The Philippines is the best place in the world to make very nice boat trips! It is so beautiful and especially the environment El Nido is breathtaking! I was hoping for a day on the island and I jumped a bit too excited from my boat that was mooring at a beautiful deserted island. I jumped very hard on a piece of coral. As a result, my foot continued to bleed for the rest of the day!

journey went wrong, What went wrong in my journey?

Fleas in my room

I have been sleeping in good middle class hotels in recent years, but I also can not escape the fact that I still meet fleas there. I really can’t stand it now! In the hotel Phnom Penh I am completely punctured / stung by these animals. The owner of the hotel then disinfected the entire room and could not rent the room for a few weeks. I had to wash all my clothes very hot. I had to throw my bag away, because fleas get stuck in it. The prospect of taking the fleas with me on my trip did not seem like a good idea.

Nowadays I always take pills from the Netherlands, which I can take so that I react less violently to fleas. I also get that overreaction when I’m stung by sand fleas and mosquitoes.

journey went wrong, What went wrong in my journey?

These ar the things that went wrong in my journey! What went wrong with you in your journey? When and why did you visit the doctor?

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