13x what to do in Rome


Rome is a perfect destination for a fun city break. There are so many interesting and cool sights from the time that it was the capital of the Roman Empire. But what’s more, there are the modern museums, the Vatican City, the attractive districts, the fountains and the excellent restaurants. But what is fun to do in Rome? That’s what I tell you in this blog!

13x what to do in Rome

The city of Rome

Rome is the capital of Italy and has about 2.8 million inhabitants: the Romans. Rome was founded by the twins Romulus and Remus in 753 B.C. The area around the Palatine and Capitol later became the center of power of the Roman Empire. Rome is one large open-air museum and the entire old city centre is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

what to do in Rome, 13x what to do in Rome

13x what to to in Rome!

1. Admire the Colosseum

The most imposing building of the city is the Colosseum and this is a large amphitheatre from Roman times. The building has a total circumference of 527 meters, the facade is 48.5 meters high and the outer wall consists of three rows of 80 arches which are separated by half columns. More than fifty thousand visitors could take a seat in the Coliseum to see the gladiators versus the wild animals or other spectacles. You can visit the stands, the arena and the underground spaces of this amphitheatre. Tip: it is advisable to reserve tickets in advance.

what to do in Rome, 13x what to do in Rome

2. The Roman Forum

The Forum Romanum was formerly the centre of the old and powerful city of Rome. On this spot was the market square and this was the place where the important people lived and several beautiful buildings stood. It formed the political and commercial heart of the city. Now you see in Forum Romanum mainly ruins, old temples, triumphal arches and numerous archaeological excavations. It is a beautiful place where you can imagine yourself in ancient Rome for a while. Especially the temples of Castor and Pollux, Saturn and Vespasianus and the various basilicas are beautiful to see.

what to do in Rome, 13x what to do in Rome

3. The Pantheon

This is a fantastic building with a special history and the function of the building is still not entirely clear. It is a round building with an entrance with three rows of columns and a beautifully decorated dome. Originally a Roman temple, it is now a Roman Catholic basilica. The meaning of Pantheon is “dedicated to all the gods”. If you are inside the Pantheon, be sure to stand under the opening in the roof (the eye of Oculus). And look up. This special opening has a total diameter of 9 meters. The incidence of light is unique. The Pantheon is located on a cozy square with especially good ice cream stalls. The Pantheon is free to visit.

what to do in Rome, 13x what to do in Rome

4. The Trevi fountain

This is the most famous fountain in Rome, so don’t miss it. In fact, it is perhaps the most famous fountain in the whole world! The location of this baroque fountain is in Piazza di Trevi. It stands on the back of the Palazzo Poll. Nicola Salvi is the designer of this 26 meter high and 22 wide fountain. The fountain depicts the ocean with as ruler the god of the sea Neptune. At this fountain you have to stand with your back to the fountain and throw a coin with your right hand in the water, because according to the myth you will ever return to Rome. Who doesn’t want that?

what to do in Rome, 13x what to do in Rome

5. Vatican City

The Vatican City is the smallest country in the world and of course you know it from the Pope. During Christmas and Easter he gives his famous speeches there. The Pope is the head of state of this ministry and he also lives there. The Vatican City has many historic buildings and monuments, but the most famous is of course the St. Peter’s Basilica on St. Peter’s Square. This basilica is the spiritual centre of the Catholic Church in the world. It is built on the presumed grave of Peter. Be prepared that there may be long queues! In the Vatican museums in 54 rooms you will get a picture of all the art treasures of the Catholic Church. The Sistine Chapel is a highlight of your visit to the Vatican City. The chapel is beautifully decorated with paintings by Michelangelo. Skip the line tickets are also highly recommended!

what to do in Rome, 13x what to do in Rome

6. Wandering around the city

Very nice is to just walk around in Rome and soak up the atmosphere and let yourself be. Drink a nice coffee or order an ice cream somewhere on a random terrace. Have lunch in a local pizzeria and take a look at some of the nice shops you can find all over Rome, for example on the Via Condotti and the Via Borgognona). Wandering around is the best way to experience Rome!

what to do in Rome, 13x what to do in Rome

7. Relax in the park Vila Borghese

The city park Villa Borghese is a wonderful place! It is over 80 hectares in size and there are a number of interesting museums, pavilions and beautiful statues to be found. It is the largest and most beautiful park in the city of Rome and a former estate of a stone-rich cardinal. Recommended are the Villa Borghese Pinciana, the museum Galleria Borghese and the beautiful summer house of Paul Jullus. You can also go for a walk and enjoy the peace and quiet during your city break in the bustling city of Rome.

what to do in Rome, 13x what to do in Rome

8. Piazza Navona

One of the most beautiful squares in Rome is Piazza Navona. The square is huge and that’s because its original function was an athletics stadium in Roman times. You will see a number of fountains, such as La Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi by Bernini, an impressive obelisk and a number of excavations. But Piazza Navona is above all an atmospheric and vibrant square with street artists, cafes and terraces. In short, a very cozy place!

9. Spanish stairs (Piazza di Spagna)

The Spanish steps lie at the foot of the French church ‘Trinita dei Monti’. In total there are 135 steps leading to Piazza di Spagna. On this square is a striking fountain by Pietro Bernini. The 18th century Spanish Steps are a very popular place and therefore it is often crowded. Very nice is that at the top of the stairs you have a great view over Rome.

what to do in Rome, 13x what to do in Rome

10. Trastevere

On the other side of the Tiber River lies the district of Trastevere. This is an old working-class district and a typical Italian district. Here you can walk around in a maze of narrow alleys and colorful houses covered with flowers and ivy. It looks like a typical Italian village including the Vespas and the nice old cars. In the evening this is a very lively area full of good restaurants and bars. While during the day it is very quiet.

what to do in Rome, 13x what to do in Rome

11. Castel Sant’Angelo (Castle of the Angels)

Originally, the 2nd century Castel Sant’Angelo (the Castle of the Angels) is a mausoleum of Emperor Hadrian. In 590 Archangel Michael appeared here and put an end to the plague epidemic. As a result, Pope Pius II had a large statue of the archangel placed on this castle. It is also a place where the popes could hide, because there is a tunnel that connects the Vatican with the Castle of the Angels.

what to do in Rome, 13x what to do in Rome

12. Churches, churches and more churches

In total there are more than 900 churches in Rome. It is therefore very nice to enter a church spontaneously from time to time. Also the unknown churches are beautiful.

13. Shopping

Are you looking for the expensive, luxurious and chic shopping street in Rome? Then Via Condotti is the place to be. This shopping street is long and you’ll find shops like Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Cartier and Gucci. But also in Via Borgognona and Via Frattina you will find many shops of top brands. For typical regional products, you can visit the Via Cola de Rienzo. The largest market in Rome is the Porta Portese, which is every Sunday on Via Portuense.

This is my list of what to do in Rome!

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what to do in Rome, 13x what to do in Rome

From the airport to the centre of Rome

Fiumicino Airport (30 km from the centre)

  • A taxi to the centre costs about € 48,00 (fixed price).
  • From the airport’s train station, the Leonarde Express takes 32 minutes to reach Termini station, from where you can easily continue your journey by metro. The train runs every 15 minutes and costs € 14,-.
  • With the shuttle bus you can go to Termini station and from there you can continue your journey by metro. This bus trip takes about 40 minutes and buses run every half hour. The price is about € 6.00 for a one-way ticket.

Airport Ciampino (16 km from downtown)

  • A taxi to the centre of Rome costs about € 35,00 (fixed price).
  • The shuttle bus takes about 40 minutes to Termini station, from where you can easily travel by metro. The buses run every half hour and cost about € 6.00 for a single journey.

The weather in Rome

Rome has a soft Mediterranean character and thus warm summers and mild winters. It can be warm in Rome, but extreme heat is rare. Summer starts in Rome at the end of May and lasts until the end of September. Temperatures are between 25 and 32 degrees Celsius. The sun is shining in the summer and July is the sunniest month of the year with an average of over 330 hours. The winter period lasts about three months: December, January and February. The average temperature is around 12-15 degrees Celsius. Light night frost is possible in winter in Rome, but snow is rare.

what to do in Rome, 13x what to do in Rome


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