What to do in Hong Kong? 11x you can not miss

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What to do in Hong Kong? There are so many fun things to do and see in Hong Kong that they usually do not fit in one trip. After all, Hong Kong is a city that is often visited by means of a stopover and therefore only for one or two days. You can view beautiful modern buildings, endless walks, visit ancient temples, go shopping and partying. The great thing is that Hong Kong is a top destination to visit all year round. The rich history and the diversity of cultures make Hong Kong one of the most visited cities in the world. What to do in Hong Kong?

11x what to do during a visit to Hong Kong!

1. Victoria Peak (The Peak)

The first place on the list of what to do in Hong Kong is The Peak! The view from the Peak is breathtaking and on a clear day you have a fantastic panoramic view of the whole of Hong Kong. From the platform “Sky Terrace 428” you can see the many high skyscrapers, the harbor and the islands. The whole building breathes a bit of commerce by the many shops and restaurants that are in the building and where you have to stop to reach the top. You can use an old tram up and then I advise you to sit right in the tram because the view is the best. You can also choose to walk up in about half an hour.

2. The big Buddha

This is the largest sitting Buddha in the world and this Buddha is sitting on the Lantau island. This imposing image symbolizes the harmonious relationship between man and faith and between man and nature. It is a climb of 252 steps to the Buddha statue and this is quite heavy in the full sun. The island is wonderfully peaceful and green and you see cows roaming free everywhere. The island is very suitable for a long walking tour. You can take the cable car from Tung Chung to Lantau Island and enjoy a super cool view or take the ferry.

what to do Hong Kong, What to do in Hong Kong? 11x you can not miss

3. Hike the Dragon’s Back

It is amazing how many options you have in Hong Kong to make beautiful walks in nature. And that while Hong Kong is known as a city full of many skyscrapers! Dragon’s Back is the best walk to make and the highlight of this hike is the Shek O Peak. Here you have a great view over the South China Sea, the beaches and the various bays. This walking tour lasts from two hours to six hours, depending on which route you take.

4. The night markets

Truly everything is for sale in the lively night markets of Hong Kong! My favorite market is the Ladies Market and you can find more than a hundred stalls with lots of clothing, accessories and souvenirs. Also Temple Street Night Market is a great market where you buy a lot of food and watches, bags, shoes etc. Cat Street is fun for antiques, Apliu Street Market is the place for electronics and Fa Yuen Street is the place to be for shoes.

what to do Hong Kong, What to do in Hong Kong? 11x you can not miss

5. Star Ferry

A trip in this old boat is an absolute must and is the most authentic and oldest way to move around in this city. For about € 0.30 you sail from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon and the view along the way is beautiful. The ferry goes about every five minutes and therefore you never have to wait long. The only drawback is that the crossing only lasts about 15 minutes, because it is a wonderful trip and a breath of fresh air in the city.

6. The temples

Hong Kong is a super modern city, but there are also several temples to be found from before the British occupation. The oldest temple in the city is the Man Mo temple. This temple is dedicated to the Taoist gods of literature (Man) and war (Mo) and you can visit this temple as a non-believer. The ten thousand Buddha’s Monastery in the New Territories is also worth a visit. After a climb of 400 steps you reach the temple with 500 large golden ones. In the temple you can also see 13,000 ceramic statues.

7. Eat in the cheapest Michelin star restaurant

Dim Sum literally means “touch your heart” and a visit to Hong Kong is not complete without you eating here. Dim sum is actually a breakfast, but you can eat it at any time of the day. Hong Kong is the best place in the world to eat this. Almost anywhere in Hong Kong you can get this, but the best place is Tim Ho Wan. This is the best known and cheapest Michelin star restaurant in the world. Note, there are twelve locations in Hong Kong, but only the North Point, Sham Sui Po and Tai Kwok Tsui are on the Michelin list.

8. Shopping

If it’s your first time in Hong Kong, then you should definitely go to the shopping streets around Causeway Bay MRT Station and immerse yourself in the busy streets with all the various colored advertising signs and bustle of the city of Hong Kong. This is a large shopping area full of modern shopping centers, markets and shops. The neighborhood is lively and it is a pleasure to walk around here, even if you do not buy anything.

9. The park

Hong Kong is a place where you can also relax in a park. Hong Kong Park is a large and green park where the locals go to practice Tai Chi because of the peace that the park radiates. You can also go for rest at the Victoria Park and this park is located on the edge of Causeway Bay. Here you can play football, basketball, swim and play tennis. But the best place is the Nan Lian garden with 35,000 square meters of tranquility and designed in the style of the Tang Dynasty. All three parks are easily accessible via public transport.

10. The beach

Pretty close to the city you will find some very nice beaches. By taxi, boat or public transport you are here in less than an hour. Shek O is the most popular beach, but Stanley and Repulse Bay are also cool to visit. For the adventurers among us the beach of Tai Long Wan is a must. The beach is somewhat more remote on the eastern coast of the Sai Kung peninsula, but is certainly one of the most beautiful places in Hong Kong.

what to do Hong Kong, What to do in Hong Kong? 11x you can not miss

11. The longest escalator in the world

The longest escalator in the world, outside and covered in Hong Kong. Starting point of this approximately 1,000 meters long escalator is on Queens Road Central, right in front of the Central Market. The escalator goes right through the houses and apartment buildings and on the way up you have a great view.

These are 11 thing on my what to do in Hong Kong list! What do you want to do in Hong Kong? Or do you have suggestions for what to do in Hong Kong?

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what to do Hong Kong, What to do in Hong Kong? 11x you can not miss
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