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Visit Kinderdijk, a nice day out in the Netherlands


Kinderdijk is a very cool attraction in the Netherlands! If you think of the Netherlands, you immediately think of windmills and the best place to visit the windmills is at Kinderdijk. Here 19 old mills are beautifully combined in a typical Dutch polder landscape. Did you know that Kinderdijk has the largest concentration of old windmills in the world? The Kinderdijk area looks like a beautiful postcard and that is why this place deserves a place on your bucket list. Visit Kinderdijk is a great experience!

Do you also want to visit Kinderdijk? Read on!

What is Kinderdijk?

Kinderdijk is a small village located in the province of Zuid-Holland near Rotterdam. Just outside this picturesque village are the famous windmills in the polder. Kinderdijk is, just like a large part of the Netherlands, below sea level and without the management of water the whole region would be flooded. These mills and the existing pumps have been regulating the water level for over 1200 years.

All nineteen mills of the complex are owned by the World Heritage Foundation Kinderdijk and they are all on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The windmills at Kinderdijk were built from the fifteenth century, but the current windmills date from 1738 and 1740. The Kinderdijk windmills were built to pump up the water from the low-lying polder. Nowadays the function of the mills is taken over by the fully automatic milling.

visit Kinderdijk, Visit Kinderdijk, a nice day out in the Netherlands

What is the origin of the name Kinderdijk?

There are a number of stories that explain the origin of the separate name, but the most famous story about the special name comes from 1421. During a huge storm a large part of the region was destroyed and after the storm the dike went up to look whether there was something or someone to save. One saw in the distance a cradle floating with a baby and a cat in it. The cat was busy keeping the cradle in balance by moving it back and forth all the time. To everyone’s surprise, a baby was sleeping peacefully and dry in the cradle.

How do you visit Kinderdijk?

Kinderdijk is not a very large area and all mills can be admired on foot or by bike. There is also a small hop on and hop off boat that will take you anywhere in the area. There are two windmills that are open to the public and you can view them from the inside. This way you get more insight into what the life of the millers looked like. In the visitor center Wisboomgemaal you can watch a Multi-screen film about the history and the windmills.

When can you best visit Kinderdijk?

Kinderdijk is one of the largest tourist attractions in the Netherlands and therefore it can be very crowded with tourists. Especially in the summer months the windmills are flooded with tourists. I myself visited Kinderdijk in November and there was only one bus full of Japanese and otherwise only a handful of other tourists. Most ideal is certainly to see Kinderdijk in the autumn and winter months, because these are the least busy months. Or as always, go early in the day to beat the biggest crowds.

visit Kinderdijk, Visit Kinderdijk, a nice day out in the Netherlands

How do you get to Kinderdijk?

The mills are very easy to reach by car. You can park near the windmills and by paying for the parking you contribute to the management and maintenance of the mills. The rate for paid parking is €5 for a car. You can also park for free a bit further.

Nederwaard 1a
2961 AS Kinderdijk

You can also easily reach Kinderdijk by bus. From the Station in Dordrecht, Rotterdam Zuidplein or Utrecht Jaarbeurs you can take bus 90 and 93 to Kinderdijk.

What is the entrance fee?

A visit is free, because the whole area is freely accessible to everyone. But if you want to visit the two mills, you have to buy a ticket. This can be done on the spot or via the Kinderdijk website. The mills are located along the dykes and public roads and the park is therefore not closed and can always be visited.

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