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A visit to Aqaba and the red sea in Jordan


Aqaba is the place to be, because beach and Jordan go together perfectly! Jordan is known for its breathtaking desert landscapes and the magnificent ancient monuments, as well as the untouched coral reefs of the Red Sea, which you should not miss out on! Why visit Aqaba and the red sea in Jordan?

What makes Aqaba and the red sea in Jordan such a cool destination to visit?


Aqaba is a harbor town close to the Israeli resort Eilat. It has a nice climate, reaching temperatures of 25 degrees in the winter. Aqaba has the pleasant atmosphere of a resort. The city was named Aqaba Special Economic Zone (ASEZ) in 2000 which led to an enormous growth in inland- and foreign investments, which improved the entire city center.
Aqaba is the ideal spot to start or end your Jordan vacation.

From Aqaba you can easily go on a day or several days trips to the wonderful Wadi Rum desert, also the world wonder Petra and the famous Dead sea are easily reached from Aqaba.

5x what makes Aqaba such a cool destination to visit?

visit Aqaba, A visit to Aqaba and the red sea in Jordan

1. Diving

A well-deserved first spot for diving. Aqaba has some wonderful opportunities for diving and snorkeling in the Red Sea. A beautiful colorful world is hidden in this sea. The water is ideal for starting divers (both test diving and/or getting your diving license) and for all other diving levels. This is because the water is calm and warm during the whole year.

The coral reefs are untouched. You can reach them easily from the beach, but really beautiful locations can be found by boat. Old shipwrecks and many colored fish and many sorts of coral will be found underwater. I did a great test dive myself with Deep Blue Dive Center and I can really recommend this company!

visit Aqaba, A visit to Aqaba and the red sea in Jordan

2. Stimulate your senses at the local market

A stay in Aqaba is not complete if you did not visit the local market. This really is the best place to soak up the atmosphere. The many colors and scents available really stimulate all your senses. The people at the market are very hospitable and everywhere they give you free samples. Souvenirs, spices, food, tea…everything is for sale here! Aqaba is a tax free zone and both alcohol and cigarettes are easier and cheaper obtainable here than in the rest of the country.

visit Aqaba, A visit to Aqaba and the red sea in Jordan

3. Visit the promenade in the evening

Aqaba really comes to life after sunset. The boulevard is the spot where people gather. Many locals visit this place every evening. There are various cozy little restaurants and bars. The promenade is kept free for pedestrians and has a great atmosphere and liveliness. Get yourself a spot at the water and you will have a great evening, guaranteed!

4. Experience the culture of the mosque

Aqaba has a beautiful mosque: Sharif al-Hussein bin Ali. The mosque is majestic and impressive. However, the mosque is not always open for tourists. I was lucky enough to have seen this beautiful building from the inside. Take a good look at the opening times beforehand and ask a local to accompany you to have a look inside.

visit Aqaba, A visit to Aqaba and the red sea in Jordan

5. Treat yourself at Janna Spa

The best place in all of Jordan for a spa treatment is the Janna Spa in Aqaba. Take notice, this spa is solely for women. The spa is owned by a lady and all facilities are aimed at women. There is, for example, a ladies bar and there is a daycare for kids. I took a hammam treatment and every inch of my body was scrubbed. It was luscious! The spa itself is beautiful and super clean and the employees are very helpful. Forget about the luxury spa in your hotel and go to this local spa!

visit Aqaba, A visit to Aqaba and the red sea in Jordan

6. Eat at Rakwet Kanaan

This is a very nice restaurant in the center of town. You can come here all day for delicious food, tea and to smoke the waterpipe. The menu is extensive and they serve various local dishes which are all prepared exquisitely. There is a cozy liveliness and a lot of atmosphere! You can easily spent a few hours and be entertained thoroughly by just watching the other people in here.

visit Aqaba, A visit to Aqaba and the red sea in Jordan

7. Drink a cocktail on the rooftop terrace of the Double Tree Hilton Hotel

The Double Tree Hilton Hotel in Aqaba hass the best rooftop terrace in the whole city with a terrific view. Another benefit is that they also sell alcoholic beverages here! Prices are reasonable and drinking something here is something you should not pass on while visiting Aqaba.

visit Aqaba, A visit to Aqaba and the red sea in Jordan

These are my reasons to visit Aqaba! Would you like to visit Aqaba?

Hotel Aqaba

A great place to stay is Kempinski Hotel Aqaba. It’s one of the best hotels I have ever been! The rooms are clean and big and have a great view. Location of the hotel is absolutely great: right at the beach. The staff were very friendly and professional and the service in this hotel is excellent.

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visit Aqaba, A visit to Aqaba and the red sea in Jordan
Kempinsky Hotel Aqaba


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