The month of March was a very special month for me. It was the month in which my dream came true! For months I worked hard on my own website and on March the 1st it was finally time: my own site went live! Very nice and also super exciting, but for me it was mainly a great milestone that I achieved. I worked in the banking world for years, but something always gnawed at me. And then suddenly you come to a point in your life and you are sure that following your passion is something you just have to do! No more excuses, so I no longer have the job at the bank and all my certainties are gone.

From now on I am very busy following my dream!

What did I do in March?

I also spent a few days together with a few other influencers in Catalonia with Jacqueline and Geert, the owners of the beautiful Torre Nova resort. These days consisted of good food, visiting beautiful locations and experiencing true Catalan culture and nature and taking a great mountain hike. The other face of Catalonia has surprised me positively! There will be a blog about this online soon!

March, Update March

I have been invited by ALGARVE Promotion Bureau in the Algarve for 4 days! I enjoyed this beautiful region, made beautiful walks, visited a wine tasting, discovered the city of Faro and did a great food tour. This region is such a joy to visit in the spring time! Keep an eye on my site because the blog will be online soon!

March, Update March

The Netherlands
Together with Kimberley of Just Go Global I gave a workshop Instagram to a group of very enthusiastic participants. During the workshop we shared personal successes and experiences and we went deeper into optimizing the existing account of the participants. This was very nice to do!

Film recordings Schiphol airport
What was nice is that I was filmed for a video for Rabobank. I was nervous at Schiphol to meet the crew there, but what a great experience this was! The theme of the film was that as a bachelor you have so much freedom to pursue your dreams and in my case, travel a lot.

My birthday
March 28 was my birthday and I celebrated it in Spain. It was a wonderful day that was characterized by delicious tapas, a lovely spring sun, a wine tasting and all of this together with 5 other great influencers.

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My news for April

The website
This month was mainly about making my site known among the followers I already have on my Instagram account and my Facebook page. And I will also be very busy with that in April.

Planned trips in April
In the beginning of April I will go on a city trip for a number of days to an unknown destination. On Eindhoven Airport I get to hear just before departure where I go with a friend. So I have no idea what the destination of my next trip is! I am very curious to see what it will be. Keep an eye on my site and Instagram and find out what the destination has become!

March, Update March
The articles on TRVLMRK in March

In the month of March, I placed 17 new articles in Dutch and 17 in English on my website.

The most read article: Why I am going to Iran. I wrote this blog before I went to Iran and this trip has exceeded all my expectations. Very nice to see that more people are interested in visiting this special country!

My favorite article: Sidemen, discover the authentic and green Bali and that is mainly because I have very nice memories of this beautiful village in Indonesia! Stroll through the bright green rice fields and enjoy the peace! So if you go to Bali, do not skip Sidemen!

March, Update March
Sidemen, discover the authentic and green Bali

What were the nice things in March?

I have received a lot of positive comments on my website and there are many people who support me! This gives me a great feeling and I am very grateful for the support and help of everyone!

The trips to Spain and Portugal were super fun! It was my first time in Portugal and the country is so much nicer than I thought. The trip to Catalonia showed me a beautiful side of Spain and I really enjoyed the nice days there.

March, Update March
Instagram TRVLMRK

What were the less nice things in March?

Well, launching a new website is of course not always easy. In March there were certainly a number of bugs and I received feedback from people that things are not as clear or logical on my website. In consultation with the website builder these things were solved quickly.

There are so many new things coming to me and my to do list is endless. There is so much I still have to learn. So many new systems, passwords and things that I need help with. I’m just not the most handy person in the field of websites and everything that comes with it.

How was your March?

This was my month of March. How was the month of March for you? Have you been traveling, or is there a cool trip you have planned? Let me know in a comment below!

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