A trip to Morocco from Spain

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How nice is it to combine two continents in one day! A day in Morocco is a great day trip from southern Spain. In Tarifa you can take the ferry and 30 minutes later you will be in Tanger, Morocco. The place where Europe and Africa meet: Tangier. 

Make a trip from to Morocco from Spain!

Tangier, Morocco

Tangier is also called the White City and offers a beautiful blend of Islamic, Christian and Jewish communities and cultures. The city is beautifully situated between the sea and the beautiful mountains. At present, economic recovery is taking place, which means that Tangier is in development. Tangier’s economy is highly dependent on tourism. The port is home to many millionaire yachts.

Trip Morocco from Spain, A trip to Morocco from Spain


  • The Medina (Old Town) of Tangier forms the heart of the city. The Kasbah is called the soul of the city. This is the Arabian trading district. Here you can wander through the narrow streets and experience the typical Moroccan atmosphere.
  • Shopping in Tangier is fun and cheap: clothing, crafts, shoes, leather pieces, jewelry, pottery, carpets, spices and spices.
  • The Kasbah Museum is worth a visit. This is the former sultan’s palace. It is small but gives an overview of the area’s history and offers an oasis of calmth in the beautiful Sultan’s Garden.
  • Small Socco is a busy and small square and is located in the Medina. A cup of mint tea is recommended on the terrace.
  • It is also nice to walk along the long boulevards along the beaches. The beaches of Tangier are the city’s main tourist attractions. The bay of Tangier extends from the port over a length of 4 km.

Trip Morocco from Spain, A trip to Morocco from Spain

Individually or with an excursion?

Every day, several ferries depart from Tarifa in the morning. In the afternoon, a ferry leaves from Tangier. The costs are € 32,- for a return. From Tangier Harbor, you can walk to the promenade and Medina in 5 minutes.

Individually: The ferry tickets are easy to book via the port or through the many travel agencies in Tarifa. This allows you to arrange things last minute. On arrival in Tangier you can choose to explore the city independently. Tangier is a small town and you can easily do everything by foot. You can also hire a guide at the port. There are more than enough official tourist guides to help you visit the all of the sights in a short period of time. The rates are quite reasonable.

Excursion possibilities: In Tarifa you can book an organized day trip. Prices range from € 49,- to € 70,-. Here you visit the Medina, Kasbah and lunch is included. Together with a group and guide you walk through the center of the city, but note: you only have about half an hour to take a look around and buy souvenirs.

Trip Morocco from Spain, A trip to Morocco from Spain

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If you are making a trip to Morocco from Spain: there is a time difference between Spain and Morocco. In Morocco it is one hour earlier.

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