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What is it like to travel with a camper? Plus tips!


What is it like to travel with a camper? Is it fun? Even if it is just close to home and not a road trip in America or Canada? Or is that something more for when I am retired? And how do you rent a camper? What should I pay attention to? Until recently I had no idea at all, but for everything there’s a first time and so I recently rented a camper and I went with a friend to the Black Forest in Germany. A few days on a road trip through Germany and camping and sleeping in the camper! As a child I always camped with my parents, but the last time I spent a night at a campsite was 15 years ago. I am giving you tips for your travel with a camper.

In this blog I will give you tips for your travel with a camper and I will give you tips for camper rental!

Tips for travel with a camper! How to arrange the rental?

First you make the choice what camper you want to rent and where you want to do this. Depending on your budget, there are various options. You end up in a true maze of options! I chose my camper through the company PaulCamper to rent. PaulCamper arranges camper rental between private individuals via an online platform. Or of course to borrow, since all the campers they offer are private.

Through the site of Paul Camper I have checked which campers were available to me in the area during the days that I wanted to leave. Although I saw many photos of all kinds of campers in all shapes and sizes, the choice was easy for me.

On the site I saw a green Volkswagen van called “Green Westy” and I fell in love immediately. The choice was made!

Many campers are fortunately already equipped with so-called ‘basic equipment’. This means that all necessary safety components are also present in the camper. Think for example of a fire extinguisher, an extra wheel and an extra set of lamps. In my case, a lot of great things were already included in the rent, such as the cutlery, chairs and a table. Very useful so that you do not have to take this all yourself!

travel camper tips, What is it like to travel with a camper? Plus tips!

Tips for travel with a camper! What to look for when choosing a camper?

The size of the camper: I went with a friend and we have chosen a small camper without a toilet. This because we were only two, but because there was no toilet, we were dependent on public toilets or toilets at restaurants etc. And I must admit that we also peed in the wild a few times.

The insurances: Check the insurances that are included in the rent. In our case, all insurance policies were already included so that was easy and made little difference.

The distance: Consider which distance you want to drive and which camper fits. The cool VW van of us was a bit less suitable to drive a long distance. On the highway we could not drive faster than 100km per hour and it was certainly not fuel-efficient. We drove a total of 1800km in total we spent around €500, – on petrol costs. Always check the number of kilometers you are allowed to drive. It is possible that you have to pay an amount per kilometer extra over a number of kilometers, for example 300 km.

The deposit: Realize that you often have to pay a deposit when renting a camper. If you have a camper through Paulcamper you rent the camper from a private individual. This deposit is for the own risk and possible damage to the inventory of the camper. Similarly, if you rent a car and issue your credit card as a camper tips, What is it like to travel with a camper? Plus tips!

Tips travel with a camper! What did I bring with me?

Because in my case many things were already included in the rental of the camper, it saved a lot in the number of things I took with me. But I have included some things that I can recommend to everyone:
● A duvet, pillow and bedding
● Toilet paper
● A waterboiler
● Food and drinks on the go
● A Tom Tom
● Extension cord for charging my equipment. Since a camper does not have many outlets.
● Towel to shower
● Flashlight

travel camper tips, What is it like to travel with a camper? Plus tips!

Tips for travel with a camper! How is it on the road?

You can also stay overnight with a camper on campsites where you can park your caravan. Finding a place to spend the night is not difficult. We arrived at a campsite twice at the end of the day, without making a reservation and this was not a problem.

In some countries it is permitted to stay overnight in parking places. Either free or for a fee of €10,- you can park between the trucks. Since you are then without facilities, we did not do this. In our case it was still pretty cold at night and we did need a hot shower in the morning and before bedtime. But if the temperature had been better then we would certainly have stayed at a nice spot in the wild!

Electricity is very easy to control. It is a matter of rolling out the cord and (almost) every campsite has places with electricity. So check whether you have the right plugs in the equipment of the camper. With us, this has not been a problem at the three campsites where we slept.

travel camper tips, What is it like to travel with a camper? Plus tips!

Keep in mind that parking can sometimes be tricky, because you need a larger space. You can not go to many parking garages by the height of the camper. Big cities are therefore more difficult to visit with a camper. For example, we wanted to visit the city of Baden Baden, but we could not enter the parking garages and we could not find a place close to the center, so we finally did not go into town.

Make sure you always store everything in the camper when you drive and close all doors properly, otherwise it falls and rolls through the camper when you drive. In the beginning, when we were still a little new to this, there were lots of things rolling through the camper.

Check carefully the temperature at your destination and whether there is a heater or something in the camper. In my case it was 4 degrees at night and there was no stove or something in the camper and so it was pretty cool at night and I slept with a few layers of clothing.

travel camper tips, What is it like to travel with a camper? Plus tips!

What did I think of my first road trip with a camper?

I can be very short about it, because I enjoyed every second of my trip! It was a great experience that I can recommend to everyone. I’m sure it was not the last time I rented a camper!

We had chosen to rent a striking green Volkswagen van and because of this we were an attraction. Along the way a lot of people waved and honored to us and wherever we stopped people wanted to admire our camper. This resulted in special conversations and encounters with fascinating people!

It gave me a tremendous sense of freedom and happiness to drive somewhere and stop wherever we saw a nice spot. Take the chairs from the camper and have lunch or just a drink or just take a break to enjoy the cool view.

I also found it very nice to always have my stuff with me. No hassle in the morning after having to think what you have to take with you that day. It makes you so flexible and I think that’s a great feeling! You can unexpectedly choose to go hiking and put on your walking shoes or just go swimming and grab your bikini. So you can organize every day exactly as it suits you best at that moment!

travel camper tips, What is it like to travel with a camper? Plus tips!

Tips for destinations for your travel with a camper

These are my tips for your travel with a campel! I’m very curious if you have ever rented a camper and where you’ve been!

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