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Travel to Iran! How to prepare a trip?


You have the plan to travel independently in Iran! A great idea, but what does this trip to Iran cost and how do you handle everything? From my own experience, I know that travelling in Iran is not expensive and easy to arrange as well. In Iran you can not pay by card, so you have to make a good calculation of your costs in advance! Travel to Iran is great!

Travel to Iran! I would like to share all information about costs, transportation and accommodation!


There are several airlines flying from Europe to Tehran with a stopover. A ticket around of around €225,- is a realistic price! At this time, you can only fly to Iran directly via Iran Air, but many sites do not offer this airline’s tickets. I paid € 225, – for a return ticket from Amsterdam to Iran. Although it was not a direct flight, but a flight with a couple of hours in Italy. I had arranged this ticket two months before departure on the internet. As always, booking tickets a little flexibility always makes a ticket more affordable. Read more how to book a cheap flight ticket.

Visa for your travel to Iran

Keep in mind that you have to arrange a visa for your trip to Iran through the Embassy in your country. Or you can apply for a Visa on Arrival. You can find information about the visa here.

travel to Iran, Travel to Iran! How to prepare a trip?

Travel to Iran: arrange a hotel

During your vacation you will need a place to sleep. During my trip I encountered several people who had arranged a place to sleep through couch surfing. This is quite popular in Iran. If you choose this, you will of course have very low accommodation costs, but I have slept in hotels.

Booking hotels in Iran is fine, but this does not go easily through the usual sites on the internet, such as Booking and Agoda etc. At the moment there is no huge choice of hotels at these sites. From the Netherlands it is possible to book and pay hotels in Iran independently (without the help of a travel agency).

I have booked via the internet directly with some hotels through and this has been very good! But I also used, because they have some great hotels in Esfahan. Also for Shiraz I have booked my stay at and they have some lovely hotels to stay in Shiraz. I loved my stay at the Niayesh Boutique hotel in Shiraz!

The price for hotel

The price we paid for hotels was on average 15 dollars per person per night including breakfast. For this amount we had a room of a middle class hotel, sometimes with a shared bathroom. This is the lowest price range in Iran, because hostels like you see in other countries do not exist in Iran.

travel to Iran, Travel to Iran! How to prepare a trip?

Travel to Iran: How to arrange transport?

Iran is a big country and has long travel times. It is possible to take domestic flights in Iran and, of course, to save some travel time. I did not do that myself, but this is a good and inexpensive option.

travel to Iran, Travel to Iran! How to prepare a trip?


The trains are fine! We chose to go from Tehran with the night train to Shiraz. This is a 13-hour train journey and we had already booked and paid the train ticket in the Netherlands. Via the internet we have booked directly at the Iranian railways. This train trip is a popular route and I recommend that you arrange a ticket in advance. Costs for this train trip were about €20,- per person including dinner and breakfast and a couple of bottles of water.

travel to Iran, Travel to Iran! How to prepare a trip?

The bus system is very well arranged and buses are frequent between all cities. For example between the places Shiraz and Esfahan, every half hour there are buses. The reservation can often be done via a hotel or on-site (last minute) at the bus station. Cost of a bus ride is about € 1.50 per hour for a bus and the buses are very comfortable with ample seating. Unfortunately, we did not find a bus company that had WIFI on the bus, because that would have been perfect!

travel to Iran, Travel to Iran! How to prepare a trip?


The taxis are massively present in the cities. We have regularly taken a taxi for smaller distances in a city. These were often very nice rides with entertaining taxi drivers. You can also take taxis for longer distances. Taxis are very affordable in Iran. This is because of course the gasoline price is very low. For example, we took a taxi from Kashan to Tehran airport. This is about 3.5 hours drive and this ride took €20,-.

travel to Iran, Travel to Iran! How to prepare a trip?

Would you like to travel to Iran? If there are any questions about travelling to Iran, I’d love to hear from you!


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