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Top 5 things to do on Texel


Texel is an island where there are a lot of fun things to do for both young and old. By 2016, Texel was declared one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe by the Lonely Planet. If you want to spend a few days in the Netherlands, go to Texel. From Amsterdam it is about an hour to Den Helder and from there you can reach Texel in 20 minutes. Texel has more sheep than inhabitants and this makes the island a unique and very special place in the Netherlands. Dunes, beaches, polders and hills characterize the beautiful scenery of Texel. There are so many nice things to do on Texel!

What are the top five things to do on Texel?

1. Seal Tours

Just before the coast of Texel lies an uninhabited island where seals are always guaranteed to be. They lie and swim in large numbers because this area of nature is the permanent habitat of these seals. With a boat you go here for half an hour from the Oude Schild.

The boat trip itself is definitely worth it, but seeing so many seals in their natural environment is beautiful. The boat can come close to the animals and you can see them very well. What’s more beautiful than to see these animals in their natural habitat?

  • Location: Harbor Oude Schild
  • Price: The price is from € 12,50. This depends on the type of boat and the number of people involved.

things to do Texel, Top 5 things to do on Texel

2. The lighthouse of Texel

The red lighthouse in Cocksdorp is Texel’s eye-catcher. This lighthouse is impressive and stands in a beautiful spot in the middle of the dunes. The lighthouse is 45 meters high and you can climb all the way up to the top. The view from above is super beautiful and you can see all of Texel and the Wadden Sea in clear weather. In the lighthouse you get all kinds of information about the history of the lighthouse.

  • Location: Vuurtorenweg 184, De Cocksdorp
  • Entrance fee: 3 euros. 

things to do Texel, Top 5 things to do on Texel

3. Maritime and Jutters Museum

This is the largest jutter museum in the world and has recently received the second prize for the best museum in the Netherlands. The museum consists of a splendid collection of objects that have been washed ashore in the last 75 years on the island of Texel. The huge number of crazy and special items is truly amazing. On the outside area are objects caught by Texel fishermen and these are anchors, buoys, etc.

  • Location: Pontweg 141 a, De Koog
  • Entrance fee: 3 euros.

4. The sheep farm

Texel is the island of the sheep and if you want to know more about these sheep, then the sheep farm is a fun way to do that. On this sheep farm there are more than 25 different sheep breeds. Here you can hug lambs! At half past 12 there is a demonstration of sheep herding with dogs. I have seen these and it is very special to experience.

  • Location: Pontweg 77, Den Burg
  • Price: 5 euros.

things to do Texel, Top 5 things to do on Texel

5. Rent an electric bike

Texel is best to discover by foot or even better by bike and even better by electric bicycle. In this way you will see the most beautiful places, and you will have all the time to stop and fully absorb the scenery and sounds. In total there are 300km of hiking and cycling trails.

  • Price: about 20 euros a day.

These are my favorite 5 things to do on Texel! What are your favorite things to do in Texel?

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things to do Texel, Top 5 things to do on Texel
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