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Tips for women who travel to Iran

Reizen Iran

Iran is a wonderful, beautiful and interesting country. I have never been more impressed with a country than Iran. I had many Iranian expectations when I went there. But, secretly, I was also nervous. I did not really know what to expect. Is it dangerous? Should I not travel with a man there? All questions wandering through my mind. But I can tell you that I have traveled in Iran with a lot of fun and a safe feeling! Tips for women who travel to Iran!

I would like to share my tips for women who travel to Iran with you!

Tips dress code for women who travel to Iran

Because Iran has a dress code, it’s not an option to ignore it. All my tips on this are described in what do you wear in Iran. What I want to say is that it’s not as big of a deal as it may sound. My head cloth has also been blown off and I’ve even rolled up my sleeves out of habit. Those things just happen. But Iranians are friendly people and if they see that they do not mean bad, they will kindly point it out. Then they often say they find it sad for you to have to wear a headscarf. No worries and do not let this stop you from visiting Iran.

While traveling, do not worry about your appearance. So just leave your beautiful and more expensive items at home! You do not need them at all and they can not be stolen either.

Tips Women travel Iran, Tips for women who travel to Iran

Follow the tarof rules

In Iran, you will often be approached and you will regularly receive phone numbers of people (men and women) who want to help you. Often they offer you to take you all the way to the place you are looking for or want to give you some food or drinks. I do not say that nobody has any wrong intentions, but my experience is that they really do want to help you.

Always remember Tarof in the communication. “Tarof” is so important in communicating with Iranians. This means that you politely say no twice when someone offers you something and say yes the third time. Iranians have “tarof” really high up on their priority list and as a tourist you will also experience that regularly.

Tips Women travel Iran, Tips for women who travel to Iran

Preparations tips for women who travel to Iran

For any trip you make, a good preparation is very important. Just like for Iran. Create a system for yourself for your important stuff, scan your passport and make sure you have important phone numbers at your fingertips. And think carefully about how you deal with being unable to pay and not paying with your credit card in Iran. This means that you need to bring a lot of cash. Always divide your money across different places. Note which bag you take. How much money you take, it depends, of course, on whether you have arranged and paid your hotels in advance. This may be fine and I have described some things in how do you arrange your trip to Iran?

Tips Women travel Iran, Tips for women who travel to Iran

Do not do things that you would not do at home either

Never ignore your instincts. Women have developed this well and can count on it. For example, do you see men at a distance you’d rather not come across? Just walk on the other side of the road. Also in Iran there are places where you can get alcohol, but pay attention to that. As you would do at home too.

These are my tips for women who travel to Iran! I am curious as to what your opinion is to travel as a woman in Iran and if you have more tips for women who travel to Iran?


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