Tips for travelling alone as a woman

Alleen reizen vrouw

Travelling alone is so much fun! Also as a woman. It is often a threshold to do this for the first time. Will it not be lonely? A bit boring? What if I get sick? Is it dangerous? All are questions that wander my head as well. I have made several trips on my own and I have become a true fan. Many women travel with pleasure and a safe feeling all over the world.

My tips for travelling alone as a woman!

Tips: the preparations for travelling alone as a woman

• Create a system for yourself for your important stuff.
• Divide your pin cards/credit cards into multiple locations.
• Always take a credit card on holiday or more than one debit card.
• Scan your passport and email it to yourself / or put it on a USB stick / in the Cloud.
• Make sure you have saved important phone numbers in multiple places.
• When packing your backpack/suitcase, it is important that you investigate the clothing requirements of each country.
• An old trick is to wear a “wedding ring”. This gives you respect for men in some countries, which makes you more relaxed.
• While travelling you shouldn’t worry about your looks. Leave your beautiful and expensive stuff at home! You don’t need them and then they also can’t get stolen.

tips travelling alone woman, Tips for travelling alone as a woman

Tips: travelling alone as a woman abroad

• Realize that if you walk on the street, besides your clothes, your posture is also very important.
• Always act as if you know where you are going, even if you do not.
• Focus your look forwards and radiate confidence. This makes sure you get bothered less.
• For example, do you see men you’d rather not come across at a distance? Just walk on the other side of the road.
• Never ignore your own feelings. We women have developed this well and can count on it to warn us.
• Don’t do things you avoid at home!
• Watch out with alcohol/drugs.

tips travelling alone woman, Tips for travelling alone as a woman

What to do if you get sick?

Being sick is something that can overcome everyone and especially if you go for a longer amount of time, it’s almost a matter of time before getting sick once. It is one of the things that makes travelling alone annoying. The most important tip is that you should avoid being sick on your own!

• Check the cover of your health insurance. Often you are insufficiently insured for medical care abroad with only your health insurance.
• Therefore, make sure you have travel insurance including medical expenses.
• Realize that the insurance number is one of the most valuable things you have.
• S.O.S. International is a great group to help you. They are available 24 hours a day and help with advice on a doctor/hospital etc. Wherever in the world you are. In addition to practical support, they also provide mental support and translate for you as well.
• The hostel/hotel receptionist is always helpful. For example, they know where a pharmacy is and help you to get there.
• Other travelers are also always willing to help you.

tips travelling alone woman, Tips for travelling alone as a woman

Tips travelling alone as a woman. What to do if you get lonely?

Loneliness is something that can happen when traveling alone. Sometimes you simply do not meet any other travelers. It is nice sometimes to meet no one, but if it takes too long it becomes boring and lonely. However, realize that at any moment of your day something can happen and you can meet someone. Loneliness is a temporary phase, which passes over again.

• Sleeping in dorms ensures that you meet people.
• Don’t want to sleep in dorms, then book a hotel you see on the app (Booking/Agoda) that has a lot of reviews. This means that it is a popular hotel.
• Book a hotel with a common room such as a swimming pool or (roof)terrace. This is an easy location to meet other hotel guests.
• Book a tour and meet people!
• On Facebook there are several groups (for example, Asia backpackers and Central and South America backpackers) and you can easily connect with other travelers.
• Be open to anyone who gets in your way and do not be too critical and have no prejudices.
• Go out for dinner without shame and open the conversation yourself when you see other travelers.

tips travelling alone woman, Tips for travelling alone as a woman

Just do it and go!

Traveling alone makes you feel totally alive! You have absolute freedom and nobody to keep in mind. Let yourself be completely guided by what’s coming and every day will be totally different, full of unexpected things and fun people! Go with the flow and enjoy it!

These are my tips for travelling alone as a woman. I am curious about your tips for traveling alone as a woman!



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