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The three most beautiful waterfalls in Bali


Are you traveling to Bali? Then you can enjoy the whole day on the beach, visiting an island, exploring the amusement park of Ubud or the peace at Sidemen, but do not forget to enjoy Bali’s nature. This island has fantastic waterfalls and you can not skip them. What are the most beautiful waterfalls in Bali?

These are the three most beautiful waterfalls in Bali.

1. Tukad Cepung waterfall

Without a doubt, this waterfall is the best. This waterfall is definitely not crowded and is close to Bangli city, in eastern Bali. From Ubud it is about an hour’s drive and from Sidemen half an hour. This waterfall is a hidden gem in the middle of a cave. The walk from the car park is about 15 minutes down through a forest and the last part passes through the rocks and the water in the cave. You have to put in some effort, but the walk is worth it. This waterfall is particularly beautiful in the early morning, and it is because sunlight rays through the opening at the top of the waterfall and this is a magical sight. The entrance is Rp. 15.000 per person.

beautiful waterfalls in Bali, The three most beautiful waterfalls in Bali

2. Tegenungan waterfall

The Tegenungan waterfall is a 15-minute drive from Ubud. From the parking lot there is a staircase of 165 steps down and then you are at the waterfall. It’s smart to go early in the morning, because there are not many tourists yet. If it rained very hard at day or night, this waterfall is full of mud and you can not take a refreshing dip, but the waterfall looks very rough. The entrance is Rp. 15.000 per person.

beautiful waterfalls in Bali, The three most beautiful waterfalls in Bali

3. Gitgit waterfall

This is Bali’s most popular waterfall and therefore it is always very busy here. But the waterfall is really amazing and it is Bali’s highest waterfall (35 meters). This waterfall is located in northern Bali, near Singaradja. If you are in Lovina then this waterfall can be easily reached. You have to walk down a small staircase along various shops to get to the waterfall. The earlier you are there in the morning, the fewer tourists there are. You can also take a refreshing dip on the left side of the waterfall.

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I believe these are the 3 most beautiful waterfalls in Bali! What is your favorite waterfall in Bali?



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