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The 7 coolest car routes in the world


Curious about the coolest car routes in the world? There are roads that you have to drive once in your life! A road trip always gives me a happy feeling and I love the freedom it brings. I feel as free as a bird during a road trip. Enjoy the amazing landscapes, stop where and when you want and sing along with the radio!

I have selected the 7 coolest car routes in the world for you!

1. The Valley of Fire, Nevada

The Valley of Fire is about an hour’s drive northeast of Las Vegas in the Mojave desert in the US state of Nevada. This name of the park comes from the red rock formations and immediately says what the unprecedented beauty of the park is. This is for sure one of the best car routes in the world!

If you drive this route at sunrise or sunset, you will see intense reds wherever you look and the landscape seems to be on fire. Erosion has created beautiful arches and rock formations such as the Beehive and Elephant Rock and there are three thousand years old Indian rock paintings in the park. This route traverses the Valley of Fire State Park and is 17 kilometers from the east to the west.

car routes, The 7 coolest car routes in the world

2. Chapman’s Peak Drive, South Africa

This route starts on the west side of Cape Town and goes all the way to the town of Noordhoek via the coast. The route is great and you will encounter countless amazing views. The route is 9 kilometers and has 114 bends and winds through a breathtaking landscape. There are picnic areas along the way and you can make a stop in the middle of nature. There are also several hiking trails through the Silvermine Nature Reserve and Cape Peninsula National Park, where you can walk. Note, the maximum speed on this route is 40 km/h.

car routes, The 7 coolest car routes in the world

3. Great Ocean Road, Australia

The Great Ocean Road is a road on the south coast of Australia. This winding road starts in Torquay, ninety kilometers southeast of Melbourne, and is 243 kilometers in total. The road winds along the coast, through forests and along many picturesque coastal towns. You will visit the famous The Twelve Apostles and the Port Campbell National Park. In a few hours you can drive the entire route, but the best thing is to take it easy and sleep over in one of the coastal towns.

car routes, The 7 coolest car routes in the world

4. Transfagarasan, Romania

Transfagarasan runs straight through the highest mountain range in Romania and is 90 kilometers. The road closed due to snowfall from October to the beginning of June. This route lies at an altitude of 2,000 meters and has many hairpin bends and therefore the maximum speed is 40 km/h. Nature is overwhelmingly beautiful along the way and from the starting point of Cartisoara the road meanders up. The last stop of the route is the castle of Count Vlad Tepes (Dracula) in Poenari. At the end of the route there are guesthouses to stay overnight and there are some restaurants.

car routes, The 7 coolest car routes in the world

5. Icefields Parkway, Canada

The Icefields Parkway in Alberta brings you many beautiful highlights in the beauty of the rugged Canadian landscape. It is one of the highest roads in Canada with an average height of 1700 meters. The route is 230 kilometers long and lies between Lake Louise and Jasper National Park. On this route you will pass high peaks, you will see glaciers, beautiful mountain lakes, rivers, various parks and more natural beauty. There are camping sites along the entire route and this route is perfect to drive with a camper.

car routes, The 7 coolest car routes in the world

6. Route 66, United States

The Route 66 in the United States is the most iconic car route in the world. This route goes straight through eight states from Chicago to Los Angeles. The total length of this route is almost 4,000 kilometers. Route 66 ceased to exist in 1985 and Route 66 no longer officially exists. Yet you can still follow the old route. Along the way you will pass the Grand Canyon, various deserted towns, beautiful scenery, Indian reserves, interesting cities and national parks, the grotto system Meramec Caverns and right in the middle lies the Midpoint Café. This route definitely gives you the ultimate America feeling!

car routes, The 7 coolest car routes in the world

7. Atlanterhavsveien, Norway

This is the most beautiful car route in Norway and is also known as the Atlantic Road. It is literally a route that goes through the Atlantic Ocean. The route lies in the west of Norway and runs from Kristiansund to Molde and is so well-known because of the great ten-kilometer stretch between Vevang and Kårvåg. You pass eight bridges that connect the many islands and headlands. The largest bridge on this route is the striking bridge over the Storseisundet. The road borders the Atlantic Ocean directly and in heavy weather the road is dangerous because of high waves and gusts of wind. You have a chance to spot whales along this route.

car routes, The 7 coolest car routes in the world

These are my favorite car routes! What are your favorite car routes?

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