The 5 most visited countries in the world


Most people like to travel and I think that most people dream of visiting new countries, wherever in the world that might be. Experiencing new things, discovering a different culture, enjoying nature, admire cities and visit the attractions which the country has to offer. Some countries are so popular, that they attract millions of tourists every year. What are the most visited countries in the world?

These are the five most visited countries in the world!

The 5 most visited countries in the world

1. France

Various tourist destinations officially recognise France as the most visited country in the world. When it comes to size, it is the second largest country in Europe. Paris is the capital and this is the biggest city in the country. The cities of Paris, Strasburg and Lyon are the most important cities when it comes to attracting tourists. Next to these cities, France offers many tourist attractions like beaches, picturesque villages, parks and forests, adventurous sports and historic destinations. There is a lot of skiing going on in the Alps, the Pyrenees and Massif Central. France also has some of the most beautiful gardens in the world. The tumulus of Bougon is the oldest building in the world and has been built in 4.800 BC.

This country has several big rivers such as the Seine which runs straight through Paris. The largest river is the Loire which is 1.012 km long and runs all the way through France. French cuisine is known and loved all over the world. And the French wine (from different wine regions) and French cheese (over 400 different ones) are very famous as well.

most visited countries, The 5 most visited countries in the world

2. United States

The third largest country in the world offers a wide range of tourist destinations to pick from. Cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Miami are some of the most popular destinations. But also nature’s wonders such as the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, the Alaskan icebergs and the beaches of Florida are some of the best in the world. The largest groups of foreign tourists are from Canada, the United Kingdom and Mexico. United States is also one of the countries with the longest coastlines.

The United States is made up out of fifty states that are, until a certain extent, able to operate independently from the US Federal Government. The smallest state is Rhode Island and the biggest state is Alaska. Alaska also has the lowest population density. The highest population density can be found in New Jersey. The state of Wyoming has the least amount of inhabitants and California has the most inhabitants.

most visited countries, The 5 most visited countries in the world

3. Spain

Spain is a diverse country with very different cultures, languages, eating habits and climates. The country combines the comfort of Europe with beautiful beaches on the Atlantic and Mediterranean seas. In Spain, you can find lots of historical attractions and lively festivals. The most popular cities are Seville, Barcelona and Madrid. The many UNESCO world heritage sites such as the Alhambra, also attracts many tourists. Most of the visitors to Spain are from West-European countries such as the United Kingdom, France and Germany. Malaga in Spain is one of the cities with the best weather conditions in the world.

Spain has 48.958.159 (2017) inhabitants and is 505.992 km² in size. The country covers about 80% of the Iberian Peninsula. Next to this, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean and the Spanish exclaves in Northern Africa are also part of the country.

most visited countries, The 5 most visited countries in the world

4. China

Because of its communist government and closed position when it comes to international relationships, China might seem like an unlikely tourist destination. But the country has many advantages for foreign tourists. There are a large amount of historical, cultural and ecological attractions to be seen such as the Great Wall of China, the Shaolin Temple, the Huangguoshu waterfalls and the Forbidden City. China is also a cheap country and has an excellent public transportations network.

It has been estimated that in 2020, China will be the most visited country in the world. In China, they speak hundreds of different languages. Most of these are dialects and are seen as Chinese languages where one cannot understand the other.

most visited countries, The 5 most visited countries in the world
5. Italy

Italy has a rich history and most attractions have been preserved extremely well. This makes Italy a very attractive destination for tourists. Italy has 50 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and these all belong to different times in history. The Rome Colosseum is one of the spectacular seven new world wonders. There are also small alpine villages which give you a look into the traditional Italian lifestyle, plenty of options for adventurous sports, beautiful beaches and the food is simply amazing.

The islands of Sicily, Sardinia and Elba and some other smaller islands also belong to Italy. Because of its long shape, the country is also called “the boot”. 62,137,802 (2017) Italians live in an area of over 300,000 km². The capital of the country is Rome.

most visited countries, The 5 most visited countries in the world

These are the 5 most visited countries in the world! Which of these most visited countries would you like to visit?

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