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The 5 hidden gems in Paris


Paris is a wonderful city I want to visit it every year. This is because of all of the sights it has to offer, as well as the excellent museums, atmospheric streets, the squares, the gardens, the food, the wine, the shops. Paris is simply a top destination for tourists! Every year, about 25 million tourists visit the city of romance. The most cliche places are of course worth a visit, but most people have already seen them before.  You want to see the hidden gems in Paris!

So what is really fun to do when you’ve visited Paris a couple of times already? My five favorite hidden gems in Paris!

1. Rue Cremieux

Take a look at the most beautiful street of Paris! Rue Cremieux is a one of the true hidden gems in Paris! This is a quiet street in busy Paris, giving you the feeling of being in a town. It is a unique street with colorful houses and flowers.

hidden gems in Paris, The 5 hidden gems in Paris

2. Sainte Chapelle

The chapel of Sainte Chapelle consists of a lower and upper chapel, and it is a master piece of ecclesiastical archicture. This chapel has very large stained glass windows. The incoming light ensures for a mosaic of colors. Super beautiful and a wonderful hidden gem in Paris!

hidden gems in Paris, The 5 hidden gems in Paris

3. Versailles

Near Paris you will find the castle of Versailles with its beautiful gardens. The garden of the castle of Versailles is the largest French garden in the world. With a surface of a whopping 815 hectares, it is the biggest landscaped garden ever. Because there is so much to see, paying a visit to Versailles can take you an entire day.

hidden gems in Paris, The 5 hidden gems in Paris

4. The mosque of Paris

The mosque of Paris is a very beautiful mosque in Quartier Latin and a lovely hidden gem in Paris. In addition to a prayer room, you will also find a library, garden, tea parlor and hammam. The city of Paris donated the mosque to the Islamic community in memory of the many Muslim soldiers who were killed during the First World War. The mosque of Paris one of the largest mosques of Europe.

hidden gems in Paris, The 5 hidden gems in Paris

5. Jardin des Tuileries

Jardin des Tuileries is a beautiful park in the center of Paris. The park is located in between the Musée du Louvre and Place de la Concorde. In Jardin des Tuilerlies, you will find many scultures and modern statues. There are single chairs everywhere in the park that you can simply pick up and put down to take a seat on anywhere in the park.

hidden gems in Paris, The 5 hidden gems in Paris

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hidden gems in Paris, The 5 hidden gems in Paris
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