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The 3 nicest islands in Thailand


There are hundreds of islands in Thailand and most have been specially developed for tourism. As a result, many islands are crammed with hotels, airports, restaurants and shops. You have to search better and better if you want an island with peace and an authentic atmosphere. I love to end my journey after a hustle and bustle in some parts of Thailand on a quiet and beautiful island where preferably there are few stimuli and where life is very relaxed. Since I have been in Thailand very often and I have visited a different island on every trip, I have seen many islands. What are the nicest islands in Thailand?

I like to share with you the 3 nicest islands in Thailand!

1. Koh Payam

The most beautiful and undiscovered gem of all the islands in Thailand is the island of Koh Payam. Not to be confused with the island of Koh Phangan, which is known as the island of legendary full-moon parties. I spent a week at Koh Payam and I loved it!

The island of Koh Payam is very small and at the widest point the island is only 5 kilometers wide. 500 people who live there earn their money mainly from fishing, growing cashew nuts and coconut palm trees. The roads are unpaved and there are no cars on the island, just a few motorbikes and many bikes. The island has several beautiful and long beaches!

Life on Koh Payam is pure, calm and relaxed. Here you walk, snorkel, cycle, lie in a hammock, swim in the sea and encounter few other tourists. You discover why Thailand is called the land of the smile, because the people on this island are friendly and laugh at you all day long. Koh Payam, is for sure one of the nicest islands in Thailand!

The motto is: ‘in the end it doesn’t really matter’. This I found a great motto to follow during my days on this island!

How do you get there?

Koh Payam is an 8-hour drive from Bangkok or you can fly from various cities in Thailand to the city of Ranong. From Ranong you can easily get to the port from where boats depart daily to Koh Payam.

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nicest islands in Thailand, The 3 nicest islands in Thailand

2. Koh Kood

The island Koh Kood is also known as Koh Kut and this island is still pure and undiscovered by tourists. Nature is nice and green and rough, the sea is clear blue and the beaches are all white. Usually you have the beaches here for yourself! Koh Kood is a small island of about 22 km long and 9 km wide.

The white beaches are the big pearl of this island.

Many hotels have their own private beach and there are also several small, beautiful and deserted beaches on the entire island. Add to this that nature is pure and very green and you have the ideal combination if you are looking for peace and nature.

On Koh Kood you can best rent a scooter to explore the island. The island is hilly and therefore cycling is not really recommended. With a scooter you can discover the many deserted beaches and also view beautiful waterfalls. Koh Kood, must be on the list with the nicest islands in Thailand!

How do you get there?

Koh Kood is an island that is located close to Bangkok at about 300 km. From Bangkok you first have to go to the city of Trat and this can be done by plane or by bus and then you are on the road for about five to six hours. From Trat you can go to the port of Laem Sok and at the port of Laem Sok you can take the boat to Koh Kood. You can also choose to go from Bangkok to Koh Chang and from there take a speed boat. The bus ride takes about 8 hours and the boat ride an hour.

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nicest islands in Thailand, The 3 nicest islands in Thailand

3. Koh Samui

Koh Samui is a tropical paradise island in the south of Thailand. You will never be bored on Koh Samui! The island is large and super popular and it is very developed, because the seaside resorts are lively and crammed with beautiful resorts, good restaurants and trendy nightlife. It is completely different from the other two islands, but there are also quiet beaches on Koh Samui.

The beautiful sandy beaches of Chaweng and Lamai and the crystal clear water are the main attraction of the island. But the reason I like Koh Samui so much is because of the untouched inland with a special mixture of extensive coconut plantations and a thickly vegetated tropical rainforest and the cool waterfalls there are.

Nice to know is that nothing can be built higher on the island than the top of the palm trees.

How do you get there?

Koh Samui is about 700 km from Bangkok and has its own airport. From Bangkok there are very frequent flights to Koh Samui. Also from Bangkok night buses and night trains go to Sarut Thani, from where you can take a boat to Koh Samui.

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nicest islands in Thailand, The 3 nicest islands in Thailand

I believe these are the nicest islands in Thailand! What do you think are the nicest islands in Thailand?

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