Iran is such a great and interesting place to visit. I’ve seldom experienced more true kindness of any local population. Iran is a unique destination. Travelling in Iran is not really expensive and flights are reasonably priced as well. What are the must do things in Iran?

But what should you do in Iran? Here is my top 20 must do things in Iran.

1. The most beautiful mosque in Iran is the Nasir al Molk in Shiraz. The sunlight shining through the windows makes for a surreal sight in the morning.

2. Naqsh-e Jahan square (also known as the Imam Square) in Esfahan will surprise even the most seasoned traveler. As far as I’m concerned this is the most beautiful square in the entire world.

3. Bridges of Esfahan. A large portion of the social live of Iranians takes place around bridges. Make sure to experience this!

4. In any city in Iran it’s great to visit the bazaar. The bazaar symbolizes the beauty of Iran.

5. If you happen to get invited by an Iranian family to eat at someone’s home, you are set for an adventure! The best food of the country is served at people’s homes.

must do things in Iran, The 20 must do things in Iran!

6. In Kashan you can easily arrange excursions to the Maranjab desert. This could be a day tour or an overnight tour.

7. Get into a teahouse for a pot of tea and a shisha.

8. About 10km outside Kashan lies the city of Aran va Bid Gol. The absolute tourist draw in this city is its magnificent mosque. Without a doubt one of the most stunning mosques in all of Iran.

9. You will see ice-cream stalls everywhere, because Iranians love their ice-cream. Ice is cheap and I had a lot of them while I was in Iran. Insider tip; pick the saffron variant!

10. Hamam-e Sultan Mir Ahmad is a beautiful example of an Iranian bathhouse, built approximately 450 years ago. This bathhouse is one of the most elaborate and most beautiful in all or Iran.

must do things in Iran, The 20 must do things in Iran!

11. By a poetry collection of the Persian poet Hafez, who died in 1390, or ask someone to recite one of his poems to you. every Iranian knows at least one of the poems by head. It’s beautiful to immerse yourself in culture like that.

12. Chelow Kabab is Iran’s national dish. It consists of lam Kebab with several kinds of vegetables and steamed rice.

13. In Islamic culture, the garden represents the earthly version of paradise. Visit a Persian garden and take a rest and cool down. One of the most splendid gardens in Iran is the Eram Garden (Bagh-e Eram).

14. Persepolis is an ancient ruin city and used to be the Persian empire’s capital. Imagine yourself being prince and princess in the ancient Persia! Persepolis is about 1-hour drive from Shiraz.

15. Get lost in the maze of streets of the cities in Iran. Iran is a safe country and the people are very helpful, meaning just walking around and getting lost turns into a great experience!

must do things in Iran, The 20 must do things in Iran!

16. Taste all the sweets Iran has to offer. Iranians lover their sweets, dried fruit and fruit juices, so if you have a sweet tooth, you will love Iran.

17. Talk with the younger generation about all kinds of topics. They are intelligent as well as liberal minded and often a conversation will take a surprising turn.

18. Buy the “red gold” saffron. Cheap to buy and great to use at home during cooking!

19. Imam Khomeini Shrine is a large complex, southeast of Tehran. This is where Khomeini is buried. Quite impressive and remarkable indeed.

20. Qom is the religious center of the nation. You’ll find a lot of mullahs here. Mullahs are Islamic clerics who have been studying the Koran for years in Qom.

Got all excited about Iran and these must do things in Iran? Do you know more must do things in Iran?

must do things in Iran, The 20 must do things in Iran!

What to do in Iran


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