The 13 best sights of Singapore


Singapore is a vibrant city full of cool sights! The city is a beautiful mix of old colonial buildings, modern new skyscrapers, temples and green parks. Singapore is a small country with only one city, but it is one of the richest countries in Southeast Asia and you will notice that when you get there. The location on the Strait of Melakka and the South China Sea have ensured that the port of Singapore is the largest in the whole region and this port has created a lot of economic prosperity. What are the best sights of Singapore?

There is a lot to see, experience and do in Singapore and these are the 13 best sights of Singapore!

1. Gardens by the Bay

This futuristic park is close to the Marina Bay Hotel and the most beautiful places are the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest. The gardens are all covered and filled with plants, trees and flowers that I had never seen before! It is not a typical botanical garden full of nameplates, but a real explosion of flowers, plants, shrubs and trees from all corners of the world. The beautiful science fiction-like buildings and trees make this place very special. You walk high on a bridge/skywalk between the trees. In the evening it is attractively illuminated and when you walk up you have a fantastic view of the laser show of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and the harbor.

2. Marina Bay

The quays of Marina Bay is the place where you have the best view of the impressive skyline of Singapore. Every night at 20:00h there is a great light show that you have to see! You eat at one of the many restaurants and enjoy the peace and the view of the modern architecture of the many buildings. You walk peacefully along the waterfront and the harbor and you can take a boat trip from here. The shops in this area are all a bit more expensive.

best sights Singapore, The 13 best sights of Singapore

3. Little India

Little India must be on my list with best sights of Singapore! This is the nicest neighborhood in Singapore, because it does not look like the rest of the city, but you feel like you’re in India. This part of the city is colorful, lively and a bit chaotic. You explore this neighborhood by wandering through it and letting it take you through the many colors, smells and sounds. There are many small but certainly good Indian restaurants where you can eat delicious and cheap food. The most beautiful Hindu temple in this district is the Sri Veeramakaliamman and you have to have seen this.

best sights Singapore, The 13 best sights of Singapore

4. Singapore Mass Rapid Transit

The Singapore metro is great, fast and well organized. Stations are clean and in the heat of the city the metro is the ideal place to cool down. The lines are clearly arranged and it is very clean everywhere. With a tourist card and for example a three-day ticket you can view all the sights in Singapore perfectly.

5. Raffles Hotel

The famous Raffles Hotel is located in the colonial district and this is the place to drink an (expensive) Singapore sling cocktail, because this is the hotel where this delicious cocktail was invented.

6. Chinatown

In every city I go I always visit the Chinatown. Chinatown always has a typical atmosphere that suits me well. Also between all skyscrapers in Singapore you will find a Chinatown and walk around in this messy and chaotic area full of shops. Here you buy cheap clothes, souvenirs, shoes, medicines and basically everything you might need. Also the food in Chinatown is very tasteful and cheap.

best sights Singapore, The 13 best sights of Singapore

7. Changi prison

If you want to know what has happened during the Second World War in Singapore, then this is the place you need to watch. In the Second World War, Japan locked up 70,000 people in this prison and it is known as the execution site. In 1994, the Dutchman Johannes van Damme was still hanged here for drug smuggling. A visit to this museum and the chapel is an impressive experience and provides insight into the suffering of the prisoners during the second world war. It is recommended to rent the audio tour.

8. Buddha tooth relic temple and museum

In the middle of Chinatown is the largest Buddhist temple in Singapore. This temple is next to the covered market with the various foods. The temple is beautiful from the outside and the inside is fantastic too. This temple is beautifully exuberant and there are many Buddhas and a large altar. The details and finishings in this temple have been made with great attention to detail.

best sights Singapore, The 13 best sights of Singapore

9. The colonial district

The colonial past with England can be found in this district. Main attractions are the Victoria Concert Hall, the old parliament, the city hall and St Andrew’s Cathedral. Here you are really back in time!

10. National Orchid Garden

In the botanical garden of Singapore a separate section has been laid out as an orchid garden. And this is my favorite part where you have to pay separate entrance fees. This garden is like a fairytale garden and the many flowers and colors are a real treat for your eyes.

best sights Singapore, The 13 best sights of Singapore

11. Battlebox

For anyone who loves history, this is an absolutely interesting place to visit. You walk through this museum with a guide and receive all information about the Japanese occupation that started in 1942. The guides are very good at this museum and ensure that you can keep your attention and the one and a half hour guided tour is fascinating. Check the times of the tour in advance on the website.

12. Shopping at Orchard Road

The best place to shop is on Orchard Road, because in total there are 22 shopping malls and hundreds of shops. You will find all the famous brands just like at home, such as the Zara, H&M or Mango. But you can also go here for the luxury and expensive stores such as Louis Vuitton or Gucci.

best sights Singapore, The 13 best sights of Singapore

13. The lion of Singapore

Merlion is the hallmark of Singapore and this statue is in the Merlion park at the waterfront of Marina Bay on the border with the financial district. The statue consists of a fish with a lion’s head that spits water. It’s great to look at this for a while!

These are my best sights of Singapore. What do you think are the best sights of Singapore?

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best sights Singapore, The 13 best sights of Singapore
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