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Seville is the city of eternal sun, life lovers, delicious tapas and it is the capital of the beautiful province of Andalusia. Due to the interesting history of the city, dating back to the Romans, you will find beautiful historical buildings. You will find a tapas bar on every corner of the street, serving the best tapas. It is also the city of temperamental flamenco music. It is the fourth largest city in Spain, but the sights are all close to each other and are easily accessible by foot, making it easy to see the city in a few days. What are the best sights in Seville?

What are the top 10 best sights in Seville?

1. Real Alcázar

The most visited monument of Seville and one of the best sights is the Real Alcázar and this consists of the Royal Palace including its gardens. It is the residence of His Majesty King Juan Carlos when he is visiting Seville. The Real Alcázar consists of a number of beautiful buildings and several beautifully landscaped gardens. The palace is one of the best examples of Mudéjar architecture. Did you know that part of the fifth season of the Game of Thrones series was shot here!

If you want to enjoy the rest, then walk in one of the beautiful gardens.

best sights Seville, The 10 best sights in Seville

2. Plaza de España

Plaza de España is located in the Maria Luisa Park and was designed by architect Aníbal González. The park is an oasis of calmth in the busy city of Seville. On the side of the park is the Plaza de España and this square is impressive and beautiful. It has 48 benches and these 48 benches represent the Spanish provinces.

The park was built in the context of the 1929 world exhibitions. It is a particularly beautiful square and is definitely worth a visit. Also nice are the ponds and fountains in the square and these provide for the necessary cooling in summer.

best sights Seville, The 10 best sights in Seville

3. Cathedral

According to many, this is Seville’s most beautiful building! The gothic cathedral is the largest cathedral in the world. This beautiful and interesting inventory of the cathedral also includes the grave of Columbus. The Giralda tower is an approximately 100m high minaret, which dates back to the twelfth century and is reached from the Cathedral. The Cathedral is really one of the best sights in Seville!

You climb all the way up and there you have a great view of the city.

4. Museo del Baile Flamenco

One of the nicknames of Seville is the city of flamenco. The flamenco enthusiasts must definitely visit the Museo del Baile Flamenco during a Seville trip.

best sights Seville, The 10 best sights in Seville

5. De Torre del Oro

The Torre del Oro is the Golden Tower of the thirteenth century and was part of the city walls. In history, the tower had various functions, such as a Watchtower and it was a prison during the Middle Ages. Today, it is a maritime museum providing information about the shipping of Seville. The entrance fee is three euros.

6. Metropol Parasol

The Metropol Parasol is known as the mushroom of Seville. It is a huge building that consists of six overlapping umbrellas of 26 meters high and it is the largest wooden construction in the world. Below you will find a daily market, an archaeological museum and a square with a number of bars and restaurants. You can also get up to a 250 meter long walkway with a lift, where you have a beautiful view of Seville.

best sights Seville, The 10 best sights in Seville

7. Shopping

In Seville you can shop really well in the historic city center. The Calle Sierpes is Seville’s largest and most beautiful shopping street with all kinds of well-known retail chains. Also in the Calle Tetuan shopping is very nice and here you mainly find the Spanish chains and boutiques.

8. The neighborhood of Santa Cruz

The Santa Cruz district is the old Jewish quarter of Seville and consists of narrow, atmospheric streets full of patios and squares. This neighborhood is very cozy and an excellent place for lunch or dinner, as a tapas bar is always nearby. Both the Cathedral and the Real Alcazar are in this district and a few hours wandering around in this old quarter is a beautiful experience.

best sights Seville, The 10 best sights in Seville

9. The neighborhood of Triana

The Triana district is the city’s urban district and is located on the other side of the river. This district is known as the Gipsy district and is the neighborhood of bullfighters and flamenco artists. The best flamenco performances are in this Triana. This area is also characterized by the narrow streets and the many hidden squares.

10. The beach in Cádiz

Seville itself has no beach, but because of the heat in this city, you could certainly use a day of cooling in the sea. At an hour’s drive by bus is the charming town of Cádiz. This is a typical Spanish seaside resort where you can swim in the sea and chill out on the beach.

best sights Seville, The 10 best sights in Seville

These are my 10 best sights in Seville! What do you think are the best sights in Seville?

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best sights Seville, The 10 best sights in Seville
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