Things to do in Tangier, the forgotten city of Morocco


Tangier is the city where Europe and Africa meet and it’s a city in Morocco which is a little forgotten, because not many tourists visit Tangier. The city is in the shadow of Morocco’s famous royal cities (Fes, Marrakesh, Meknes and Rabat), making it a less frequented city, which is a terrible sin! The nickname of this beautiful city is the white city because of the many white houses. Tangier is a beautiful mix of all kinds of cultures, because you will find Islamic, Christian and Jewish communities and people with different nationalities. The city is located on the Strait of Gibraltar and is very important for trade between the two continents of Europe and Africa. The town itself is in a beautiful setting, right on the sea and surrounded by the mountains and there are a lot of nice things to do in Tangier, Morocco!

I will take you to travel to this forgotten city of Morocco and tell you the things to do in Tangier!


Tangier is one of the oldest cities in all of Morocco and was founded by Carthaginian settlers in the fifth century BC. The city was a very important city for the Berber peoples and its name is derived from the name of a Berber god, namely Tinjis. The city then fell under Roman rule, was conquered by the Arabs, knew a period of Portuguese rule and an English conquest, after which it became governed by Moroccan and then Spanish rule and again falling under Moroccan rule. This complex and varied history is found in the city and makes Tanger very special!

Present-day Tangier

Tangier is a vibrant and creative city, where many artistic people like writers, painters and artists have settled. This creates a certain kind of mystical atmosphere in the city. The city is immensely in development and in economic prosperity, and this is reflected in the many building activities that are going on. The economy of Tangier is dependent on tourism and you see several big yachts in the harbor. It is a city with many luxury hotels and restaurants.

things do Tangier Morocco, Things to do in Tangier, the forgotten city of Morocco

The 6 best things to do in Tangier, Morocco

There are various things to do and see in Tangier! Due to the location and history of the city, Tangier feels a bit more European than other cities in Morocco, and you are sure to notice this during your trip to Tangier.

1. The Medina

The heart of the city is the Medina and this is the atmospheric old town and it’s one of the nicest things to do in Tangier and everywhere in Morocco. Kasbah is the old town in the Medina that was walled as a protection of its inhabitants and this is the part where all the shops are and where the trade takes place. It is also said that the Kasbah is the city’s soul and you notice it when you walk around here. A walk through the quarrel of small streets in the Kasbah is very nice and here you can see, hear, smell and feel the typical Moroccan atmosphere and experience everyday life. You can wander around here without a guide, but a map is handy to have.

things do Tangier Morocco, Things to do in Tangier, the forgotten city of Morocco

2. The squares

In the crowds of the Medina there are a few small squares and the nicest square is “the small socco”. This is a very atmospheric square with a number of terraces where you drink the most delicious cup of mint tea in all of Tanger. Here you take a break and lean back on your chair and enjoy life around you.

3. Shopping

Shopping in Tangier is a nice and well priced. The things you see in the many small shops are clothes, shoes, everything made of leather, jewelry, carpets, spices and herbs. Do not forget to negotiate the price everywhere! Moroccan sellers can be a little pushy, but if you say no, do not make eye contact and do not comment, sellers will leave you alone.

things do Tangier Morocco, Things to do in Tangier, the forgotten city of Morocco

4. Kasbah Museum

In the middle is the Medina is the Kasbah Museum and it is nice to enter here for a while. It is an old sultan’s palace and it is a small museum. You will learn a few things about the city’s history and it is wonderful to walk through the quiet garden. There is a beautiful collection of archaeological excavations and there are various art objects present. The entrance fee is one Euro.

things do Tangier Morocco, Things to do in Tangier, the forgotten city of Morocco

5. The boulevard

The bay of Tangier is about 4km long and has a great boulevard and beach. Here you walk or flatter, and experience the Mediterranean atmosphere in southern Europe. The beaches of Tangier are the city’s attractions for many people.

6. Cap Spartel

This is a lighthouse located at the most northwestern point of Africa. What’s interesting is that the Atlantic Ocean passes over into the Mediterranean sea here. This lighthouse is at 304 meters above sea level and you have a super beautiful panoramic view of the narrow passage from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea and you are across from Gibraltar. The view and the scenery are beautiful and there are a number of stalls selling tourist goods.

These are my 6 favorite things to do in Tangier, Morocco! What are your favorite things to do in Tangier, Morocco?


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things do Tangier Morocco, Things to do in Tangier, the forgotten city of Morocco
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