Taipei, 7 must do’s and places to visit


Taipei is Taiwan‘s capital and largest city. Taipei offers a special mix of tradition and modernity. The easiest and cheapest way to move around in Taipei is by subway, i.e. the MRT (Mass Transit System). The stations are very clearly laid out and everything is indicated in both Chinese and English. What are the must do’s and places to visit in Taipei?

If you are going to Taipei soon, read up the 7 must do’s and places to visit in Taipei!

1. Visit an evening market

Taipei is teeming with evening markets. These are markets with stalls with food such as dumplings, jewelry, shoes, clothes, massages and antiques. The Nhihlin Nightmarket is the largest and most famous night market. It’s a busy market, but with a nice mix of people, food and casual shopping.

• Location: MTR station Jiantan
• Opening times: 16:00 – 0:00

must do's Taipei, Taipei, 7 must do’s and places to visit

2. Taipei 101

The Taipei 101 is a skyscraper with a height of 508 meters. This Taipei 101 tower is officially the second largest building in the world. Lifts in the building are the fastest in the world (60.5 km/h up and 36.6 km/h down. The view is very beautiful and it is advisable to be there just before sunset so that you can see the resulting twilight.

• The entrance fee is NT$ 500, about €14,-
• Opening times: 9:00 – 22:00
• Location: MTR Taipei City Hall MRT Station

must do's Taipei, Taipei, 7 must do’s and places to visit

3. Taipei Zoo

Escape the crowds of the city and visit this beautifully landscaped zoo for only €1.65! The panda house is very special, but the koala house and the amphibian and reptile houses are also great to see. This zoo is particularly well looked after and it seems like a tropical rainforest in some places.

• The entrance fee is NT$60, about €1,65
• Opening times: 9:00 – 17:00
• Location: MTR Taipei Zoo Station

must do's Taipei, Taipei, 7 must do’s and places to visit

4. Do crazy things!

Taipei is a city where you can do crazy and unique things. Childish activities that are secretly a lot of fun!

• Dine in the “Toilet restaurant”. Location: MTR station Jiantan, close to the Shilin Nightmarket
• Eat a cake in the “Hello Kitty Kitchen and Dining”. Location: MTR Zhongxiao Fuxing Station
• Make pictures in a photobooth, which you can find at every MTR station
• Gamble on the street and win teddybears

must do's Taipei, Taipei, 7 must do’s and places to visit

5. Shopping in Ximending

Ximending is a big shopping area in Taipei with a cozy atmosphere, especially in the evening. Large billboards with neon advertisements are the street scene over here. The area is especially popular with teenagers and the nickname is the “Harajuku” of Taipei.

• Location: MTR Ximending Station

6. Long Shan Temple

This temple is also called the Dragon Mountain Temple and is the most beautiful temple of Taipei. In this temple, both elements of Buddhism and Taoism are included. The locals come here in great numbers to bring sacrifices. The neighborhood around the temple is also worth visiting.

• Opening times: 6:00 – 22:00.
• Location: MTR Longshan Temple Station

7. Maokong Gondola

Maokong Gondola is a cable car that takes you over a distance of more than 4 kilometers up the mountain. It is very nice to take a cabin with a glass floor. This ride takes about half an hour. At the top you can enjoy the beautiful view over Taipei. You can also follow different trails on the mountain, visit temples or relax in one of the many tea houses.

• Entrance fee: NT$50, about €1,40
• Opening times: closed on mondays, tuesday to friday 09:00-18:00, saturday and sunday 08:30 – 0:00
• Location: MTR Taipei Zoo Station

These are my 7 must do’s and places to visit in Taipei! Do you have know must do’s in Taipei?

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must do's Taipei, Taipei, 7 must do’s and places to visit

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