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The highlights of Monschau, the Pearl of the Eiffel


As you walk through the streets of Monschau, you immediately understand precisely why this picturesque village is called “The Pearl of the Eiffel”. It looks like you’re back in time over two hundred years, by the typical half-timbered houses that are in the village and the fairytale-like location. This beautiful town is located in the northern part of the Eiffel and very close to the Dutch and Belgian border. This makes Monschau ideal for a weekend getaway destination not too far from home. What are the highlights of Monschau in the Eiffel?

The highlights of Monschau, the pearl of the Eiffel

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11x fun things to do in Luxembourg city

Luxemburg stad

Luxembourg City is fun and has many attractions! The good thing is that they are all within walking distance of each other. There are several beautiful historic buildings, castles and castles, but you can also enjoy the nature in Luxembourg City. It is a lovely diverse city for a few days! What are fun things to do in Luxembourg city?

11x fun things to do in Luxembourg city

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Antwerpen: 7 tips for a winter city trip


Antwerp is a nice city to visit for a day or weekend in the winter. The city is very atmospheric, because various streets and squares are full of Christmas stalls! Skating and tubing is also possible in Antwerp. If you want to see Antwerp from above, you can step into a huge Ferris wheel at the Scheldt. There is a video mapping show at the town hall and this is also cool. The winter in Antwerp is atmospheric, cozy and there is plenty to do! What are great tips for a winter city trip to Antwerp?

Do you have plans to go to Antwerp in the winter period? These are my tips for a winter city trip to Antwerp!

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The best spots for your citytrip to Nijmegen


Nijmegen is a good city to live in and study, but it’s also great fun for a city trip! It is the oldest city in the Netherlands, but full of life. The historic buildings, the shops, the beautiful waterfront location, the cozy Burgundian atmosphere. Nijmegen has it all! The city shows how old and new can go together. How about a citytrip to Nijmegen?

In this blog I (for years an inhabitant of this city) show you some of the best spots for your citytrip to Nijmegen!

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Things to do for a weekend on the Veluwe


I love the Veluwe because of the beautiful nature of forests, shifting sand plains and heathlands. The Veluwe stretches in the Netherlands between the cities Apeldoorn, Arnhem, Wageningen, Ede and Harderwijk. I live in Nijmegen and so I regularly find a day to spend there and sometimes I book a hotel and I also make it a wonderful weekend away. I enjoy walking, cycling, enjoying the fresh air and enjoying nature in the Veluwe. The Veluwe is different in every season and will never get bored. What are nice things to do on the Veluwe?

I like to share my 5 favorite things to do during a weekend on the Veluwe.

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The Geierlay, the longest suspension bridge in Germany


A visit to the Geierlay suspension bridge in Germany had been high on my bucket list for a while. The spectacular Geierlay suspension bridge is 360 meters long and is the longest suspension bridge in Germany. The bridge is no less than 100 meters above a beautiful valley and you have to have nerves of steel before crossing the bridge. What a cool adventure it seemed to me! On a beautiful summer day I drive to this bridge together with two friends and we decide that we will all go across the bridge anyway! And we also hope to enjoy the beautiful view from the bridge.

Curious about my visit to this suspension bridge? I’ve described it and also all the information for your visit to the Geierlay suspension bridge in Germany!

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The top 5 most beautiful villages in the Netherlands


Are you looking for a nice day out in the Netherlands? For a day out you can go to an amusement park or museum, but a visit to a beautiful village is always fun! Beautiful villages are not only found abroad, because the Netherlands also has enough villages that are worthwhile. I often forget how beautiful my own country is and that is such a sin! There are so many nice villages in the Netherlands!

I would like to show you the 5 villages in the Netherlands that I like best!

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Visit Burg Eltz, a lovely castle at Germany

Burg eltz

Burg Eltz is one of Germany’s most magnificent castles. This castle is located in the Moselle region and is certainly worth a visit. The Burg Eltz castle in Germany is beautifully hidden amidst the woods on a steep hill. It is a very interesting building with 8 beautiful towers. This makes it look mysterious and it feels like entering a fairy tale.

Visiting Burg Eltz, a fairytale castle in Gemany!

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Visit Kinderdijk, a nice day out in the Netherlands


Kinderdijk is a very cool attraction in the Netherlands! If you think of the Netherlands, you immediately think of windmills and the best place to visit the windmills is at Kinderdijk. Here 19 old mills are beautifully combined in a typical Dutch polder landscape. Did you know that Kinderdijk has the largest concentration of old windmills in the world? The Kinderdijk area looks like a beautiful postcard and that is why this place deserves a place on your bucket list. Visit Kinderdijk is a great experience!

Do you also want to visit Kinderdijk? Read on!

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Top 5 things to do on Texel


Texel is an island where there are a lot of fun things to do for both young and old. By 2016, Texel was declared one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe by the Lonely Planet. If you want to spend a few days in the Netherlands, go to Texel. From Amsterdam it is about an hour to Den Helder and from there you can reach Texel in 20 minutes. Texel has more sheep than inhabitants and this makes the island a unique and very special place in the Netherlands. Dunes, beaches, polders and hills characterize the beautiful scenery of Texel. There are so many nice things to do on Texel!

What are the top five things to do on Texel?