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6 interesting habits abroad!


Something which might be very normal to us, can be perceived very differently by foreigners. We have all been surprised about the strange habits in another country. To prepare yourself for your trip and to not be surprised by different etiquette and common practises abroad, I’ve written down some interesting habits abroad.

Curious about new cultures and habits abroad? 6 interesting habits abroad!


10x strange eating habits abroad


If you’ve been traveling for a bit, you probably have noticed that every country has different eating habits. Eating habits abroad are different! Something considered normal at home, can be not normal at all in another country. 

According to me, these are a few strange and funny eating habits abroad!

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A visit to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) in South Korea


I want to go to the DMZ if I’m in South Korea! I have said that for years! It’s a weird and special place and it seemed to me to be quite an experience to be there. The DMZ is the buffer zone between North and South Korea, 4 km wide and 248 km long. It’s a kind of no-man’s country where the UN soldiers stand guard. In general, it is fairly quiet at the border. Once upon a time, however, an incident has occurred and the DMZ comes back to the news. How it’s like to visit the DMZ in South Korea?

I explain what a visit to the DMZ in South Korea looks like.


The 10 best highlights of the city of Seoul


Seoul is one of the most populous and largest cities in the world and boasts countless beautiful sights, such as palaces, temples, museums and (evening) markets. This is a city where you should take the time to see everything, because there is definitely something for everyone. Seoul has an extensive and perfectly functioning subway, with the stations also being indicated in English. As a result, the metro is the best way to visit the sights in Seoul. What are the best highlights of Seoul?

The 10 best highlights of Seoul that are great fun and interesting to visit.

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27 fun facts about South Korea


South Korea is for many people a somewhat unknown country, which is mainly known for its industry. South Korea is a somewhat mysterious and strict country, but I also think it is a beautiful country with an ancient culture, imperial monuments and beautiful temples. There are so many fun facts avout South Korea.

Curious about the mysterious South Korea? I give you 27 fun facts about the special country South Korea!