The 10 best sights in Seville


Seville is the city of eternal sun, life lovers, delicious tapas and it is the capital of the beautiful province of Andalusia. Due to the interesting history of the city, dating back to the Romans, you will find beautiful historical buildings. You will find a tapas bar on every corner of the street, serving the best tapas. It is also the city of temperamental flamenco music. It is the fourth largest city in Spain, but the sights are all close to each other and are easily accessible by foot, making it easy to see the city in a few days. What are the best sights in Seville?

What are the top 10 best sights in Seville?

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Visit the Real Alcázar, a must-see in Seville!

Real Alcázar

The Real Alcázar is the Royal Palace of Seville. The palace complex is probably the oldest royal palace of Europe still in use. It is definitely the most impressive monument of Seville.  Real Alcázar is the residence of his majesty King Juan Carlos when he is visiting Seville. The Real Alcázar is a must visit when you are in Seville!

You should not miss the Real Alcázar when you visit Seville!


The three best cities in Spain to visit


Spain has been my favorite holiday destination in Europe for years! Several times a year I go to Spain and I never get enough of it. Spain is just fun, the cities in Spain are interesting, the people are super relaxed, the food is divinely tasty, the beaches are beautiful, the language is beautiful and the weather is always good. Spain is a large country with an enormous diversity of cities, villages, nature, mountains and beaches. There is so much to see and do that I go back to this amazing country every year. The cities in Spain all have their own unique atmosphere and charm and great sights and therefore the best cities should not be missed during your trip to Spain.

What are the three best cities to visit in Spain?