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Sidemen, discover the authentic and green Bali


If you want to discover the authentic and green Bali, Sidemen is the place to be. Sidemen is in a friendly area with rice fields, valleys and green hills. So beautiful, this area has been promoted as a Unesco World Heritage. Time stands still here and the daily life of the Balinese is still as it used to be long ago. You can compare it a bit with Ubud 20 years ago. Quiet, beautiful, artistic and situated in beautiful surroundings. Sidemen is located in east Bali about an hour’s drive from Ubud. It’s great to discover Sidemen in Bali, because it breathes peace, calm and serenity. 

Discover what you need to know for a visit to Sidemen, Bali!

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Traveling in the Philippines, 9 things to know


Traveling in the Philippines is great and this country must definitely be on your bucket list. You will find the most beautiful beaches in all of Southeast Asia. The Philippines is the country with 7.107 islands and the most amazing lagoons, beautiful inland areas and green rice terraces. The Philippines have a bit of an image problem in that it’s not a safe country. This is due to media reports about abductions and drug issues. Yes, there are certainly islands where you should not come, but these are clearly separated from most of the country, where it is safe and very nice and beautiful. “It’s more fun in the Philippines” is the famous slogan about the Philippines and I fully agree! What do you need to know before traveling in the Philippines?

There are a few things to know before you go traveling in the Philippines. The most important tips!


What I learned from my solo trip to Bali and Lombok


I spent a few weeks traveling through Bali and Lombok and this trip was amazing. I have done a lot of fun things, have seen beautiful things and met very interesting people. So I’ve definitely enclosed these two islands in my heart. Except for the fact it was all a lot of fun, during the solo trip to Bali and Lombok I learned some things about myself.

No, this is not a blog about the whole trip of discovering myself because I was not on Bali for that. But just little facts and things that I noticed during this trip. Things that I actually didn’t even know I could enjoy or things I forgot I enjoyed. What did I learned from my solo trip to Bali and Lombok?

Are you wondering what I learned from my solo trip to Bali and Lombok?

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A multi-day trek through the jungle at Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai

The best place in Thailand to make a multi-day trek through the untouched Thai jungle is in northern Thailand. The landscape near the city of Chiang Mai is vast, untouched and endlessly green. You can walk for hours without encountering other people or villages. I made a three-day trek through the jungle at Chiang Mai and I enjoyed every step and every second! It was the coolest thing I did in the north of Thailand!

Wondering what my jungle trek in Chiang Mai looked like? Read my personal report!

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7 nice things to do in Ubud


Ubud is located in the interior of Bali an hour from Denpasar Airport and is a great gift and popular place to go for a few days. The city of Ubud adopts art, culture, nature and history. The surroundings of Ubud are incredibly green and everywhere you can see huge rice fields and palm trees. Unfortunately, Ubud is no longer the authentic and picturesque village that it was. Now you will see a lot of hotels, shops, restaurants and tourists. Still, Ubud has a certain charm and has an atmosphere that will keep you coming to Ubud. What are the things you have to do in Ubud?

I’ll tell you the seven best things to do in Ubud.

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15 reasons why you should visit Bali


Bali is a super cool island in Indonesia! It is the pearl between all the other islands of Indonesia. It is located east of Java and west of Lombok. The island is approximately 5500km² and contains more than three million inhabitants, most of which are Hindu. Bali has so much to see and you’re never bored there, so naturally, many people go to Bali several times. I have been twice and would definitely go for a third time. The island is super green and it is the island of a thousand temples. Bali is a great place for those who want a beach holiday, but also for travelers who want to snuggle up or want to enjoy nature. There are so many reasons why you should visit Bali!

Bali is fantastic and here are 15 reasons why you should visit Bali!