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Travel to Iran! How to prepare a trip?


You have the plan to travel independently in Iran! A great idea, but what does this trip to Iran cost and how do you handle everything? From my own experience, I know that travelling in Iran is not expensive and easy to arrange as well. In Iran you can not pay by card, so you have to make a good calculation of your costs in advance! Travel to Iran is great!

Travel to Iran! I would like to share all information about costs, transportation and accommodation!

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Wadi Rum, a must visit for everyone that visits Jordan

Wadi Rum woestijn

Wadi Rum is a desert region in Jordan with absolutely one of the most spectacular landscapes in the world. Wadi Rum is also called the Moon Valley and is a desert with much sand and rocks, composed of very many colors. The region forms already for thousands of years a passageway for wandering Bedouins and trade caravans. Is Wadi Rum a must visit when you are in Jordan?

Wadi Rum, what an experience! Wadi Rum, a must visit for everyone that visits Jordan!

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How it’s like to visit a mosque in Iran?


The Shah-e-Cheragh mosque in Iran is located in Shiraz. Imam Reza’s brother is buried here and that makes Shiraz and this mosque an important pilgrimage site. The mosque is easy to find, because its next to the great bazaar and all signs will point you to the mosque as well. Always wanted to know how it’s like to visit a mosque in Iran?

Read my personal report about my visit to a mosque in Iran!

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How to arrange a visa for Iran?

visum iran

Can you get a visa to Iran easily? Yes, you can arrange a visa for Iran yourself and you won’t need a visa agency. A visa on arrival can be obtained as of lately as well. But when I was preparing my trip to Iran that wasn’t possible yet and therefore arranged my visa for Iran with the Iranian embassy.

If you are travelling to Iran you’d need a tourist visa. How do you arrange a visa for Iran?

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Why I am travelling to Iran!


What will you do when you are travelling to Iran? Is it safe? Two women on their own, you are crazy! These are just some of the reactions I get when I told them I booked a ticket to Iran. Together with a female friend I will travel to Iran for about two weeks. Indeed, two women travelling independently to Iran. Reactions around me aren’t exactly cheerful, to say the least. The media depicts angry Iranian men shouting “death to America”. Large protests on the street, flags being burned and a fundamentalist government to top it all off. All women are dressed in black and have to wear a veil on the street and are being suppressed. They hang people in Iran, ISIS is there, those ayatollahs with their weird ideas. I can go on and on with these stereotypes. You could blame it on the naivety of the people and their worldview, but I blame the media. These aren’t the things I think about while travelling to Iran. This is not how I see Iran.

How do I look at Iran and why I am travelling to Iran?

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Hafez’ Tomb in the city of Shiraz, Iran


Hafez’ Tomb is a tomb situated in the city of Shiraz. This tomb is dedicated to the poet Hafez. Hafez lived in this city in the 14th century and is generally regarded as one of the greatest poets the world has known. Sometimes it is said of Iranians that they always will have two things at home: a Koran and a book with Hafez’ poetry. Poetry is an important part of the live of Iranians.

You can’t miss a visit to Hafez’ Tomb in Shiraz when you’re in Iran!

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Everything you need to know for a visit to Qom, Iran


The city of Qom is the religious heart of Iran and is a true place of pilgrimage. I have been fascinated by the city of Qom for many years. Because this is the city which was called home by ayatollah Khomeini for years. I’ve read several books on Iran and Qom always plays a part in them.  The holy city of Iran is full of mullahs and Koran schools. Trying to imagine how the city looks like never really worked out and I decided to have a look at it in real life. Definitely worthwhile to visit Qom in Iran!

Read everything you need to know for a visit to this holy city Qom in Iran.