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How do you prepare for a trip to Iran?


How do you prepare for a trip to Iran? That’s a question I’ve asked myself a few weeks ago. The reason is because I am about to travel to Iran with a good friend of mine. We will travel independently across Iran and a (proper) preparation is part of the fun and important for that matter. Recent developments have made Iran more popular as a tourist destination. I described the reasons you need to add Iran to your bucket list previously. How do you prepare fot a trip to Iran?

Here are my tips to prepare yourself for a trip to Iran.

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The 5 reasons to visit Jordan


Jordan is a wonderful country, but not many people travel to it. You are transported to a completely different world. An Arab world of centuries old cultural treasures like Petra, surprisingly beautiful nature like Wadi Rum, and friendly people. There is no travel warning but tourists still tend to stay away. It is the location of the country that makes people have doubts about whether it is really safe to go. The neighbouring countries of Syria, Iraq, Israel, and Saudi Arabia are indeed restless. But Jordan is safe and it is amazing! What are reasons to visit Jordan?

I have mentioned 5 reasons to visit Jordan and why Jordan must be your next destination!

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Traveling to Israel, 10 things you need to know

More and more people are traveling to Israel. I myself went to Israel a few months ago and I had some questions beforehand. You occasionally hear negative news about Israel in the news and that may cause you to doubt the security of the country. Do you want to travel to Israel? I answer the questions you may also have about traveling to Israel.

Traveling to Israel, 10 things you want to know!

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Persepolis, a must visit in Iran


Persepolis is a ruin city in located in the south of Iran. This ruin city used to be the capital of the Persian empire. You can visit the ruins of what once used to be a powerful city, destroyed by Alexander the Great. The name Persepolis is not the original name, the city used to be called Parsa. Parsa means city of the Persians. Persepolis is the Greek name with the same meaning, namely, city of the Persians. Imagine yourself being a real Persian princess looking over this ancient city! Persepolis is  must visit in Iran!

Persepolis, a must visit in Iran!

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18 fun facts about Petra in Jordan


Petra is the absolute highlight of my journey through Jordan! Petra is the reason that I think you should immediately put Jordan on your bucket list. Jordan has much to offer tourists, but Petra is of unmatched beauty that you will not find anywhere else in the world. The ancient city is partially carved out of red rocks and is beautifully hidden in a gorge. Here you stand eye to eye with one of the most beautiful buildings in the world! The history, the architecture and the beautiful landscape make Petra one of the most special places in the Middle East.  What are fun facts about Petra?

Read on for 18 fun facts about the wonder of the world called Petra!

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The 6 best things to do in Kashan, Iran


Kashan is a medium sized city in central Iran. Visiting Kashan is definitely worthwhile. The old center of this traditional city has retained most of its typical desert architecture. Kashan is about a 3-hour drive from Tehran at the edge of the desert, along the old silk road. What are the best things to do in Kashan, Iran?

What are the 6 best things you can do in this desert city Kashan in Iran?

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A visit to Aqaba and the red sea in Jordan


Aqaba is the place to be, because beach and Jordan go together perfectly! Jordan is known for its breathtaking desert landscapes and the magnificent ancient monuments, as well as the untouched coral reefs of the Red Sea, which you should not miss out on! Why visit Aqaba and the red sea in Jordan?

What makes Aqaba and the red sea in Jordan such a cool destination to visit?

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Tips for women who travel to Iran

Reizen Iran

Iran is a wonderful, beautiful and interesting country. I have never been more impressed with a country than Iran. I had many Iranian expectations when I went there. But, secretly, I was also nervous. I did not really know what to expect. Is it dangerous? Should I not travel with a man there? All questions wandering through my mind. But I can tell you that I have traveled in Iran with a lot of fun and a safe feeling! Tips for women who travel to Iran!

I would like to share my tips for women who travel to Iran with you!