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The 5 reasons to visit Jordan


Jordan is a wonderful country, but not many people travel to it. You are transported to a completely different world. An Arab world of centuries old cultural treasures like Petra, surprisingly beautiful nature like Wadi Rum, and friendly people. There is no travel warning but tourists still tend to stay away. It is the location of the country that makes people have doubts about whether it is really safe to go. The neighbouring countries of Syria, Iraq, Israel, and Saudi Arabia are indeed restless. But Jordan is safe and it is amazing! What are reasons to visit Jordan?

I have mentioned 5 reasons to visit Jordan and why Jordan must be your next destination!

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18 fun facts about Petra in Jordan


Petra is the absolute highlight of my journey through Jordan! Petra is the reason that I think you should immediately put Jordan on your bucket list. Jordan has much to offer tourists, but Petra is of unmatched beauty that you will not find anywhere else in the world. The ancient city is partially carved out of red rocks and is beautifully hidden in a gorge. Here you stand eye to eye with one of the most beautiful buildings in the world! The history, the architecture and the beautiful landscape make Petra one of the most special places in the Middle East.  What are fun facts about Petra?

Read on for 18 fun facts about the wonder of the world called Petra!

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5 tips for a visit to Petra, in Jordan


Petra is one of the seven modern Wonders of the World and one of the most special places in the Middle East. The history -in combination with the fantastic landscape- really makes Petra the highlight of Jordan for me. It is a given that Petra has a place in the list of World Heritage sites and appears in one of the Indiana Jones movies.
Petra is the Roman name for the capital of the Nabataeans. The city lies in a gorge and is partly carved out of the boulders. Petra flourished as the junction of various trade routes, including the one for incense, which made the city very rich. What are great tips for a visit to Petra in Jordan?

I am giving you 5 tips for a visit to Petra in Jordan.


What went wrong in my journey?


I travel a lot and something goes wrong on a regular basis. It means I have had to visit a doctor in quite a few countries. I am a bit of a clumsy person and I can also be a little nonchalant. Not a good combination! But sometimes I’m just full of bad luck. It does not matter how much I’ve traveled, because I keep the doctor’s visits when I’m traveling. These doctor visits are the less pleasant things of traveling, but I have accepted that it is part of it. After all, it has happened to me so often, that I have become accustomed to it in the meantime. So if you think that I never went wrong in my journey, then after reading this blog you will know that it is certainly not the case!

What went wrong in my journey? Where and why did I visit the doctor abroad?

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Wadi Rum, a must visit for everyone that visits Jordan

Wadi Rum woestijn

Wadi Rum is a desert region in Jordan with absolutely one of the most spectacular landscapes in the world. Wadi Rum is also called the Moon Valley and is a desert with much sand and rocks, composed of very many colors. The region forms already for thousands of years a passageway for wandering Bedouins and trade caravans. Is Wadi Rum a must visit when you are in Jordan?

Wadi Rum, what an experience! Wadi Rum, a must visit for everyone that visits Jordan!