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How to book a cheap flight?

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Booking cheap airline tickets is something we all want. But it has become increasingly difficult in recent years to achieve this. There are so many things to keep in mind. Air travel prices have become increasingly insane, due to all surcharges that are charged. There are also several stubborn fables in circulation. How to book a cheap flight?

I explain the most frequently asked questions and fables about how to book a cheap flight.


Delay or cancellation of your flight? EUclaim!


It is very annoying when your holiday starts or ends with stress and irritation because your flight is delayed or canceled. Are you ready at the airport to catch your flight and then it doesn’t go as planned. From my own experience I know that such a thing is extremely frustrating! But did you know that in these cases you are probably eligible for financial compensation? Unfortunately, many travelers are not aware of these rights, which is why I write this article to point this out!

Simply claim your compensation in case of delay or cancellation of your flight at EUclaim!