Cycling in Valencia bike tours


Valencia is the perfect city to explore by bicycle! With more than 100 km of bicycle paths, cycling in Valencia is very nice and relaxed. A visit to this wonderful city is not complete without a bicycle tour! The Dutch love cycling! I always find exploring a city by bicycle to be a super nice way of doing so, and that is why I have also discovered Valencia by bicycle. How do you arrange cycling and bike tours in Valencia?

Read how I did it and what I think about cycling in Valencia and how to arrange bike tours!

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The 11 best sights of Lima, Peru


Your first acquaintance with the country of Peru will most likely be the city of Lima. Lima is the capital and most international flights fly to Lima. It is a city with a number of interesting districts and with several beautiful sights. In the old center there are fantastic buildings and nice museums and the districts Miraflores and Barranco are super nice to visit. What are the best sights of Lima?

The 11 best sights of Lima!

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The 7 best things to do in Vientiane


Vientiane is the capital of Laos and is really the perfect city to discover by bicycle! Vientiane is, as far as I am concerned, the most relaxed capital in all of Asia and seems to be more of a big village. It is considered to be one of the three classical French cities of Indochina, along with Phnom Penh and Saigon. Traffic is not complicated and the streets are perfectly paved and safe. This capital is really unique in Asia. What are the best things to do in Vientiane? 

Many travelers omit it, however, expecting that it would be boring. I certainly disagree and I hope that more people are going to discover this city, preferably by bicycle! The 7 best things to do in Vientiane!

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The ultimate travel guide to Bagan, Myanmar


Bagan is an area in Myanmar which is full of temples. What makes it special are the thousands of ancient temples still standing. In an area of about 40 square kilometers, you’ll find thousands of temples, pagodas, and monasteries. The one is more magnificent, bigger or more unique than the other, be it inside or outside. The atmosphere around is magical. Visiting all temples in Bagan is simply impossible and I already wrote about my top 5 temples in Bagan. Are you looking for a travel guide to Bagan?

How to visit Bagan and what do you need to consider when travelling to it? The ultimate travel guide to Bagan!


15 fun facts about Bangkok


I love the city of Bangkok and it is my favorite city in Asia. It is a city where you will not be bored for a second because of the abundance of sights and activities. The city is for many travelers the starting point of their trip through Thailand. Bangkok is a bustling city where I have seen beautiful temples, shopped perfectly, had a nice meal and always had a great time! It excites all of your senses and it is a city that you will always love for at least a bit. There are so many fun facts about Bangkok!

I have described 15 fun facts that you did not know about the cool city Bangkok!


The 10 best things to do in Budapest


Budapest is the capital of Hungary and with a population of 2 million inhabitants, it is the country’s largest city. The city is often called the Paris of the east. And I think Budapest definitely deserves this name! Surrounding the Danube it is picturesque, with beautiful bridges, beautiful buildings and a friendly atmosphere, Budapest makes one of the nicest and most beautiful cities in Europe. What are the best things to do in Budapest?

Are you planning to travel to Budapest soon? These are the 10 best things to do and visit in Budapest!

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The best things to do in the Black Forest, Germany

zwarte woud

A very nice place in Germany to go on holiday is the Black Forest. The Black Forest is super large with more than 200 kilometers long and 60 kilometers wide. I think it is a very varied and beautiful region. The Black Forest is what you imagine with Germany in a travel guide: dense green forests, cool peaks with vast views and romantic valleys, small farms and beautiful lakes. I have been a midweek in the Black Forest and I want to recommend this region! It is beautiful, green and there is plenty of fun to do! What are the things you have to do in the Black Forest?

10 fun things to do in the Black Forest!

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8 fun things you have to do on Gili Air


Gili Air is a small paradise island located between Bali and Lombok. It is one of the three famous Gili islands and it is my absolute favorite island. Gili Air is not too big and not too busy like Gili Trawagnan, but also not too quiet that there is nothing to do like Gili Meno. A couple of days on this amazing beautiful island is delicious and I recommend it to everyone. The island is small and relaxed, but there is plenty to do to spend some nice days here. What are to best things you have to do on Gili Air?

8x what I think are the things you have to do on the small paradise Island Gili Air!


The route to see the highlights of Tel Aviv in 1 day!

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a cool city to visit. It is the city of freedom in Israel. The city is ideal for a city trip (I did that), but also a nice start or end of your journey through Israel. Tel Aviv is ideal for culture lovers, beachgoers and for the city trip enthusiast! The city is the economic center of Israel and in this city you see relatively few synagogues and orthodox Jews and the army and the police are quite absent in the streets. This is in contrast to, for example, in Jerusalem or Gaza. It is a city where people work, celebrate and lie on the beach. I made a great city trip to Tel Aviv and the city is bustling and very interesting with a lot of highlights!

I have created the ideal route to see the highlights of Tel Aviv in 1 day!

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