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5x why I think Croatia should be your next destination


Croatia is a country that I think has everything to offer for a very nice vacation. I think it is a very versatile holiday destination on the Mediterranean coast with great beaches, a beautiful nature and a rich cultural history. The various cities in the country all have their own character and that also means that Croatia has many different faces to it. I think Croatia is a great and unique mix of Central European, Mediterranean and Eastern European influences. Why should Croatia be your next travel destination?

I give you 5 reasons why Croatia should be your next travel destination!

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Visit KRKA park Croatia for the best waterfalls


If you are looking for waterfalls in Croatia, then a visit to the Krka park is a must. This park is great for anyone who loves nature, waterfalls and hiking.  Krka Park is one of the reasons I went to Croatia. The beaches in Croatia are also beautiful, but get off the beach for a day and visit Krka park and the waterfallds in Croatia!

If you want to visit Krka park and the waterfalls in Croatia, read this blog.

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3 must do’s at Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnie en Herzegovina

Bosnia Herzegovina is a beautiful and uncharted country. Although the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been over for almost twenty years, the country is still suffering from a lack of tourism. Too bad, because there is so much to see and do over there. And did you know that you can easily combine a visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina with a trip to Croatia! What are the must do’s in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

In this blog I put up some must do’s for visiting western Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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All you need to know for your visit to Montenegro


Montenegro is a country located in southeastern Europe. Montenegro is best described as a country with mountains and sea. It borders several countries: Albania in the south-east, Bosnia and Herzegovina in the north-west, Croatia in the west and Serbia in the northeast. Tourism is still in its infancy and that makes it the best time to visit Montenegro.

All you need to know for your visit to Montenegro.


The 6 fun things to do in Dubrovnik


Dubrovnik is an ancient city in Croatia and is breathtakingly beautiful. The city is surrounded by ancient city walls and is beautifully located on the waterfront. Dubrovnik has become one of the world’s most luxurious tourist destinations in recent years. But there are also enough budget options to stay and things to do. The amazing weather, the clear blue sea and the historical heritage make Dubrovnik a very nice destination. There are so many great things to do in Dubrovnik!

What are the 6 nicest things to do in Dubrovnik?