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14x what to do on the island of Sal, Cape Verde Islands

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Sal is the most touristic island of the Cape Verde Islands. It is a small island of about 200 square kilometers. The landscape of Sal consists of dry desert-like plains, a few hills, some trees and some dry bushes. It is certainly a lovely island to enjoy a few days of sun, sea and beach. But there is also plenty to do and see. What are the best things to do on Sal?

What to do on the island of Sal on the Cape Verde Islands!

Sun, Sea & beaches

The islands, sights and tips for a trip to the Cape Verde Islands

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Cape Verde is a group of tropical and volcanic islands in the Atlantic Ocean with wonderful weather all year round. Each island is unique and different. Extensive white sandy beaches, azure blue sea, historic cities, unspoilt nature, whales, sharks and turtles, delicious food & drinks and music are the main attractions of the Cape Verde Islands. In this article you can read all about the islands, the sights and tips for a trip to the Cape Verde Islands.

What makes the Cape Verde Islands an ideal holiday destination? And what are the sights on the Cape Verde Islands?