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Which are the best temples to visit at Angkor Wat?


Angkor, in the Siem Reap province of Cambodia, is the largest religious structure in the world and one of the seven modern day wonders of the world. It is the most important touristic attraction in all of Cambodia and is listed as a Unesco Wold Heritage site since 1992. What are the best temples in Angkor Wat? Everyone should visit this true wonder of the world and fall in awe with its beauty.

Which are the best temples to visit at Angkor Wat?

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A visit to the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum in Phnom Penh

Tuol Sleng

If you are in Cambodia then you should visit the Tuol Sleng Genocide museum in Phnom Penh. Here you are ruthlessly shown all the facts and actually this is something you do not want to see at all. But this history is unfortunately associated with Cambodia and demonstrates the darkest side of the human mind, which is said to be able to bring everyone to such an extent.

A visit to the Tuol Sleng Genocide museum in Phnom Penh!

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25 fun facts about Cambodia


Cambodia is located in the south of Southeast Asia and the country borders Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. It has a beautiful landscape with highlands and mountains and has a 443 kilometer long coastline along the Gulf of Thailand. Cambodia is the land of the impressive Angkor Wat temple, which is a silent witness of how inventive and artistic the people in Cambodia are. The recent history of Cambodia is intense and has left its mark in this beautiful country. However, I find that this fierce history contrasts sharply with the relaxed and calm atmosphere that now prevails. What are fun facts about Cambodia?

I have described 25 facts about Cambodia!

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17 interesting facts about Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat

Are you going to Cambodia soon? Then I am sure that you will also visit the famous Angkor Wat temple complex! It is one of the 7 world wonders that you do not want to miss during your trip through Cambodia. The temple complex of Angkor is located near the nice town of Siem Reap. These temples are the beautiful remnant of the once powerful Khmer empire. Gazing at the dazzling beauty of these buildings is an experience that has to be very high on your bucket list! What are facts about Angkor Wat?

I have described 17 interesting facts about Angkor Wat!

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Dark tourism, visiting dark places


Dark tourism, also known as dark tourism or thanato tourism, is a form of tourism that involves visiting historical sites that are related to or associated with death and tragedy. Because I travel to understand the world and history, these are places I have visited regularly. It sounds sinister, dark and strange, and they are places where you get quiet and where you get a knot in your stomach. Yet they are places that I often visit. Is this disrespectful or respectful?

Dark tourism, visiting dark places. 15x well-known dark tourism places you can visit!

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5x Cambodia off the beaten track


Cambodia is a rising country and more and more tourists are finding this beautiful country. Most tourists who visit Cambodia go to Siem Reap for the amazing temples of Angkor Wat and they go to Phnom Penh to visit the fierce Killing Fields and often close the trip near Sihanoukville for the beautiful beaches and the beautiful islands. But Cambodia has much more to offer and I advise you to challenge yourself and go off the beaten track in this interesting country. What are the best places in Cambodia off the beaten track?

This is my top 5 of the most interesting places in Cambodia off the beaten track!


What went wrong in my journey?


I travel a lot and something goes wrong on a regular basis. It means I have had to visit a doctor in quite a few countries. I am a bit of a clumsy person and I can also be a little nonchalant. Not a good combination! But sometimes I’m just full of bad luck. It does not matter how much I’ve traveled, because I keep the doctor’s visits when I’m traveling. These doctor visits are the less pleasant things of traveling, but I have accepted that it is part of it. After all, it has happened to me so often, that I have become accustomed to it in the meantime. So if you think that I never went wrong in my journey, then after reading this blog you will know that it is certainly not the case!

What went wrong in my journey? Where and why did I visit the doctor abroad?


Phnom Penh: 5 must do’s

Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh the capital of magnificent Cambodia and counts about two million inhabitants. Phnom Penh is a city of extremes. The city was seen as one of Asia’s finest, before the Khmer rouge took power. The Khmer rouge regime, with Pol Pot as its leader, were responsible for a very volatile period in Cambodian history, of which traces can be found to this very day. This history is a stark contrast with the friendly population. The traffic can be a big hustle, but in the evening a relaxed atmosphere descents upon the city. In general, the people are very upbeat and this gives the city it’s pleasant atmosphere. What are the must do’s in Phnom Penh?

The 5 must do’s in Phnom Penh.

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Cambodia Killing Fields: an impressive and sad visit


The Killing Fields in Cambodia are – along with Angkor Wat – the most visited place in the country. The Khmer Rouge regime of Pol Pot is known as one of the greatest mass murders in history. Execution places, the Killing Fields, are now monuments and provide insights into the terrible tragedy that took place in Cambodia. Whoever wants to have a better understanding of Cambodia must delve (a little bit) into this civil war. And a visit to the Killing Fields in Cambodia is necessary for this.

Visiting this place is enormously sad and at the same time very impressive.