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Which 6 countries have the most neighboring countries?


Which countries have the most neighboring countries? At first you think quickly that the big countries are also the countries with the most neighbors. But nothing is less true. There are a number of large countries, such as America and Mexico, which because of their geographical location actually do not have so many neighboring countries. The size of a country does not automatically say anything about it.

Which 6 countries have the most neighboring countries?

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Visiting Chernobyl: an excursion from Kiev

Tsjernobyl bezoeken

Would you like to visit the remains of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant? And take a look at the ghost town of Pripyat? Visiting this strange place can be arranged with an excursion from Kiev. A visit to Chernobyl is bizarre, impressive and certainly a history lesson. I think it’s a sight you must have seen once in your life… Do you like visiting Chernobyl? I’ll explain everything to you about visiting Chernobyl.  

Visiting Chernobyl: an excursion from Kiev

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3x great hiking trails on Tenerife

wandelen op Tenerife

A wonderful place to hike is the island of Tenerife. The nature is so varied and impressive and you will be rewarded with panoramic views. I’m not a highly trained walker, but I’m someone who likes to go for a walk. Tenerife has truly amazed me with the beauty and versatility of nature. I share my tips for great hiking trails in Tenerife!

3x great hiking trails on Tenerife

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Roadtrip west coast Ireland: Wild Atlantic Way

Ierland Wild Atlantic Way

High cliffs, barren mountains, rugged coastline, 50 shades of green, vast lakes, great car routes, unprecedented beauty! In short, that’s the west coast of Ireland. This is the place to go for a really cool roadtrip! At the west coast of Ireland it is great to follow (part of) the Wild Atlantic Way.

My 9 tips for a roadtrip through the west coast of Ireland, the Wild Atlantic Way.

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Dark tourism, visiting dark places


Dark tourism, also known as dark tourism or thanato tourism, is a form of tourism that involves visiting historical sites that are related to or associated with death and tragedy. Because I travel to understand the world and history, these are places I have visited regularly. It sounds sinister, dark and strange, and they are places where you get quiet and where you get a knot in your stomach. Yet they are places that I often visit. Is this disrespectful or respectful?

Dark tourism, visiting dark places. 15x well-known dark tourism places you can visit!

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The 5 countries that must be on your bucket list


It is always great fun to dream about a bucket list to check off. But yes, with 190 countries it is a bit difficult to make a choice and have a well-organized bucket list. I think the bucket list for most travelers in us is only getting longer instead of shorter. I have visited many countries already, but my bucket list is infinitely long. Adventurous destinations, discovering new places, a bit of culture, beautiful nature and the beach is for me the ideal combination of a beautiful trip. Now that you are here, I will have to show you a country you have to visit once!

These are the 5 countries that must be on your bucket list!