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10x the most beautiful places in Europe

mooiste plekken in Europa Azoren

What are the most beautiful places in Europe? I mean places that are special, because they are still a bit undiscovered. Places that are beautiful because of the culture, nature or other unique characteristics. I have made a list of what I find the most beautiful places in Europe! In Europe there are countless cool places with a beauty that is overwhelming and so special that you just want to go there. Places that you should put directly on your bucket list. My list contains places that I like and that I would like to recommend.

The most beautiful places in Europe

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The highlights of Monschau, the Pearl of the Eiffel


As you walk through the streets of Monschau, you immediately understand precisely why this picturesque village is called “The Pearl of the Eiffel”. It looks like you’re back in time over two hundred years, by the typical half-timbered houses that are in the village and the fairytale-like location. This beautiful town is located in the northern part of the Eiffel and very close to the Dutch and Belgian border. This makes Monschau ideal for a weekend getaway destination not too far from home. What are the highlights of Monschau in the Eiffel?

The highlights of Monschau, the pearl of the Eiffel

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The best things to do in the Black Forest, Germany

zwarte woud

A very nice place in Germany to go on holiday is the Black Forest. The Black Forest is super large with more than 200 kilometers long and 60 kilometers wide. I think it is a very varied and beautiful region. The Black Forest is what you imagine with Germany in a travel guide: dense green forests, cool peaks with vast views and romantic valleys, small farms and beautiful lakes. I have been a midweek in the Black Forest and I want to recommend this region! It is beautiful, green and there is plenty of fun to do! What are the things you have to do in the Black Forest?

10 fun things to do in the Black Forest!

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What is it like to travel with a camper? Plus tips!


What is it like to travel with a camper? Is it fun? Even if it is just close to home and not a road trip in America or Canada? Or is that something more for when I am retired? And how do you rent a camper? What should I pay attention to? Until recently I had no idea at all, but for everything there’s a first time and so I recently rented a camper and I went with a friend to the Black Forest in Germany. A few days on a road trip through Germany and camping and sleeping in the camper! As a child I always camped with my parents, but the last time I spent a night at a campsite was 15 years ago. I am giving you tips for your travel with a camper.

In this blog I will give you tips for your travel with a camper and I will give you tips for camper rental!

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Visit Burg Eltz, a lovely castle at Germany

Burg eltz

Burg Eltz is one of Germany’s most magnificent castles. This castle is located in the Moselle region and is certainly worth a visit. The Burg Eltz castle in Germany is beautifully hidden amidst the woods on a steep hill. It is a very interesting building with 8 beautiful towers. This makes it look mysterious and it feels like entering a fairy tale.

Visiting Burg Eltz, a fairytale castle in Gemany!