Stockholm in Winter: These are my tips!

stockholm winter tips

Stockholm is just a 2 hour flight from the Netherlands and is a lovely city for a city trip. The city is built on 14 islands connected by no less than 57 bridges. Although the Swedish capital has only slightly more inhabitants than Amsterdam, it looks nice and quiet in winter. No traffic jams, exhaust fumes or long queues. Here you have all the time and space you need to soak up culture, stroll through parks and explore the medieval city centre. Whether Stockholm is a vibrant city in winter? Sure it is! With these tips you are guaranteed a warm welcome!

Stockholm in Winter: These are my tips!

Stockholm in Winter: These are my tips!

1. Stroll through the old city ‘Gamla Stan’

Gamla Stan – meaning ‘old city’ – is the photogenic heart of Stockholm. The historic city centre isn’t big, so it’s perfect for a winter stroll. You can wander through narrow streets full of boutiques, souvenir shops and colourful buildings. Also the parliament, royal palace and the Nobel Museum can be found here. So take a good look around you!

Stockholm winter tips, Stockholm in Winter: These are my tips!

2. The Abba Museum

A must-see for every Abba fan, but actually this museum is a must-see for everyone. Here you can learn all about the stars Anni-Fried, Björn, Benny and Agnetha. From breakthroughs to successes and from love relationships to the most extravagant clothing styles. Step inside an interactive museum where you can take funny photos and even perform with the pop stars. What’s more, you can join in with hits like Super Trouper, Dancing Queen and Gimme, gimme, gimme. Extra fun is the Dutch audio tour to do. This is recorded by ‘our own’ Kees Tol!

Stockholm winter tips, Stockholm in Winter: These are my tips!

3. Take a walk to Djurgärden

Djurgärden is a special nature park in the middle of the city. Would you like to visit a museum? Then this is the place to be, because most museums are located here. Are you a nature lover? Then a walk around the peninsula is definitely recommended. If you follow the path along the water you walk a beautiful route. If it is not too cold, the bike and scooter are good alternatives. Also nice: from Djurärden you can take the boat to Slussen. The crossing takes only 10 minutes, but that gives you the best view of the old town ‘Gamla Stan’. So pay attention!

4. Order a fika in one of the coffees

If you’re in Stockholm, you can’t help but notice: the Swedes love coffee with a pastry! Everywhere you can go for a so-called ‘Fika’. Try the famous ‘kanelbullar’ or a snow-covered ‘semla’ with icing sugar. The coffee chains Fabrique and Espresso House are well represented in the city and I can highly recommend them. Of course it is also nice to drop in at a smaller scale alternative, such as Kafé Esaias. You’ll find this coffee bar in Drottninggatan, Stockholm’s most popular shopping street. A great place to warm up right away!

Stockholm winter tips, Stockholm in Winter: These are my tips!

5. Art underground

Stockholm has a clear metro network with three lines: red, green and blue. Artists have done their best to turn most underground stations into impressive works of art. And they have succeeded! I haven’t seen them all, but I found the Solna Centrum, T-Centralen and Stadium stations definitely worth photographing. So you can easily organize your own underground art tour in Stockholm. A metro ticket is your ticket to this underground museum!

Stockholm winter tips, Stockholm in Winter: These are my tips!

6. Trendy suburb of Södermalm

Södermalm is located south of the center and was once a working-island. You can still see it here and there by the typical little red houses. Nowadays it is mainly a popular neighborhood with vintage shops, art studios and nice and affordable eateries. The ideal place to stroll along shop windows, drink coffee and shop Swedish design.

7. The nature in

Sweden is the outdoor country par excellence. Just outside the city there are green nature reserves that invite you to go for a nice walk, run or mountain bike tour. For example, head out to the Hellasgården nature reserve. Winding paths through forests alternate here with views over clear water. Welcome to the Swedish wilderness! And that just a half hour drive from the heart of Stockholm. Take the train from central station to Saltsjöbaden station for a few euros and you’ll walk into nature.

Stockholm winter tips, Stockholm in Winter: These are my tips!

What is the best travel time for Stockholm?

In winter it can be cold in Stockholm, but don’t be put off by that. On average it is about 5 degrees colder than in the Netherlands. Keep in mind that the days in winter are a lot shorter. In December and January it gets dark around 3 pm. The advantage is that skating rinks are often opened in winter and the city is attractively lit. If a lot of snow falls – and there is that chance – you will see Stockholm at its best. On top of that you immediately have an extra reason to warm up inside with a nice fika!

Stockholm winter tips, Stockholm in Winter: These are my tips!

Public transport in Stockholm

Public transport is well organised in Stockholm. If you travel by plane to one of the three airports, you can take the train, bus, or metro to your hotel. I flew to the national airport Arlanda, about 40 kilometers north of the city. From here you can take the Arlanda Express to the central station in 20 minutes. For a return you pay about 50 euros. If you have a little more time, you can also take the regular train or opt for the cheaper Flygbussarna. This bus takes you in 40 minutes to the city center and costs about 20 euros return.

Tickets for public transport can be bought at the stations and kiosks of Pressbyrån. From the moment you use your ticket you can travel with all public transport for 75 minutes. The costs for a ride are around 3.50 euros. Convenient: the subways run 24 hours a day on weekends!

These are my tips for Stockholm in Winter!

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