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Sidemen, discover the authentic and green Bali


If you want to discover the authentic and green Bali, Sidemen is the place to be. Sidemen is in a friendly area with rice fields, valleys and green hills. So beautiful, this area has been promoted as a Unesco World Heritage. Time stands still here and the daily life of the Balinese is still as it used to be long ago. You can compare it a bit with Ubud 20 years ago. Quiet, beautiful, artistic and situated in beautiful surroundings. Sidemen is located in east Bali about an hour’s drive from Ubud. It’s great to discover Sidemen in Bali, because it breathes peace, calm and serenity. 

Discover what you need to know for a visit to Sidemen, Bali!

Discover tourism in Sidemen, Bali

Tourism is still in its infancy in Sidemen, but more and more tourists know Sidemen. However, the roads to Sidemen are narrow and therefore not suitable for large buses, so the mass tourism in the big coach buses can not come here at all. There are some beautiful accommodations in Sidemen and they almost all have an infinity pool overlooking the rice fields. Prices are a lot lower than for example Ubud. You really get value for your money in Sidemen. The choice in restaurants and shops is very limited in Sidemen, but recently they got an ATM on the main street.

discover Sidemen Bali, Sidemen, discover the authentic and green Bali

What can you do to discover Sidemen, Bali?

1. Hike with a guide through the rice paddies

Sidemen is situated in the middle of the rice fields and it is a very nice experience to take a rice hike under the guidance of a local guide. Every hotel offers this option and there are walks of one, two or three hours. You walk across the rice dikes and across rivers. It is important to put on good shoes as the surface may be wet and slippery. In the dry months,  as no wet rice can be cultivated, other crops will be cultivated on the land. The cost of a two-person walk for two hours is about Rp.70.000.

discover Sidemen Bali, Sidemen, discover the authentic and green Bali

2. Silver workshop

With the help of the local silversmith you will make your own fantastic ring or pendant in a few hours. Together with a silversmith, you go step by step with what you want and design it by yourself. The smith shows the technique and everything goes the old-fashioned way and without the help of big machines. The silversmith of the village speaks quite good English and is very knowledgeable, patient and helpful. You can make your own design or make a jewel as displayed in the window. A workshop costs about thirty euros depending on the grams of silver you use. My ring consisted of 5 grams of real silver and the price for this was converted to 30 euros.

This homemade ring is my favorite souvenir of Bali.

discover Sidemen Bali, Sidemen, discover the authentic and green Bali

3. Visit the Tukad Cepung waterfall

Without a doubt, this waterfall is comes first for me. This waterfall is definitely not crowded and is close to Bangli city, in eastern Bali. It is about half an hour from Sidemen. This waterfall is a hidden gem in the middle of a cave. The walk from the car park is about 15 minutes through a forest. The last part is over the rocks in the cave. This waterfall is particularly beautiful in the early morning, and it is due to the rays of sunlight coming through the opening of the cave and this creates a magical view.

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These are three great things to do while you discover Sidemen at Bali! Do you have more tips to discover Sidemen at Bali?

discover Sidemen Bali, Sidemen, discover the authentic and green Bali

Hotel Sidemen

I loved my stay at the Hotel Vila Karma Loka!! They have the best infinity pool!

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discover Sidemen Bali, Sidemen, discover the authentic and green Bali
Vila Karma Loka




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