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The 5 reasons to visit Jordan


Jordan is a wonderful country, but not many people travel to it. You are transported to a completely different world. An Arab world of centuries old cultural treasures like Petra, surprisingly beautiful nature like Wadi Rum, and friendly people. There is no travel warning but tourists still tend to stay away. It is the location of the country that makes people have doubts about whether it is really safe to go. The neighbouring countries of Syria, Iraq, Israel, and Saudi Arabia are indeed restless. But Jordan is safe and it is amazing! What are reasons to visit Jordan?

I have mentioned 5 reasons to visit Jordan and why Jordan must be your next destination!

1. Hospitable population

The population is very friendly and hospitable, and this makes Jordan a wonderful country. People are an important aspect of travelling for me. A smile or a friendly chat are things that I appreciate and make me happy. Jordanians are charming and not intrusive. The same goes for when they want to sell you something. This makes travelling through this country a nice experience.

reasons to visit Jordan, The 5 reasons to visit Jordan

2. The diversity of nature and landscapes

There is enormous diversity of nature and landscapes and this makes the country attractive and unique. Everything is also quite close. The country is not that big and so you don’t lose hours sitting in a bus. Very nice!

In the south, there is the amazing Wadi Rum desert. This is an endless landscape of sand dunes and boulders. In the west, you will find the Dead Sea, where you can float nicely due to the high salt content, and where you can rub yourself with mud that has a therapeutic effect. There is also the beach resort of Aqaba on the Red Sea, where there is an amazing underwater world.

reasons to visit Jordan, The 5 reasons to visit Jordan
Wadi Rum

3. The wonderful world of Petra

The most special sight of Jordan is Petra. This is one of the 7 modern Wonders of the World! The city of Petra is completely carved out of the red boulders and is large and impressive. You could easily walk around there for a couple of days. The 40-metre high Treasury is of course the icon of Jordan. This is really spectacular and unique. And the perfect reason why you should go to Jordan.

reasons to visit Jordan, The 5 reasons to visit Jordan

4. It is safe and not filled with tourists

A trip to Jordan is safe. As mentioned earlier, there is unrest in the neighbouring countries of Syria, Israel, Irak, and Saudi Arabia. But this is not the case in Jordan. It is simply a safe country and it has been quiet and politically stable for some time now.

Jordan is the ideal introduction to the Middle East!

reasons to visit Jordan, The 5 reasons to visit Jordan

5. The food is delicious

Jordan is a predominantly Islamic country where you can eat delicious dishes. The quality of food and drink is really good. A lot of meat is eaten (no pork). Fish is also usually not on the menu. Hummus, Falafel, Shawarma, and Kebab are dishes that you are going to encounter. Although Islam officially forbids alcohol, this is easy to get in this country.

These are my 5 reasons to visit Jordan! Do you have more reasons why to visit Jordan?


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