6 must see attractions in Valencia


The city of Valencia can be found at the coast of the Spanish Mediterranean Sea. This city is fantastic! Valencia stood in Barcelona’s shadow for a long time, but undeservedly so, I think. Valencia has a wide sand beach and the center is smaller and more clear. You’re being led through streets filled with nice shops, hidden squares and tapas restaurants between the monumental buildings. The inner city is lively and typically Spanish and there are a lot of must see attractions in Valencia.

The perfect city for a city trip, here you will read up on my 6 must see activities in Valencia.

1. Plaza de la Virgin

This is Valencia’s true heart. In here, two of Valencia’s most important buildings can be found: the cathedral and the basilisk. Both are dedicated to the Virgin Maria and are beautiful on the outside as well as on the inside. Also, some cozy restaurants for eating tapas are located on the square. Taking a stroll through the center of Valencia will always manage to lead you to this square, every time.

must see Valencia, 6 must see attractions in Valencia

2. The city of Art and Science

This is the big center for culture and amusement in Europe. The complex’s architecture is unique and the results of a collaboration between two renowned Spanish architects: Santiogo de Calatrava and Felix Candela. The complex spans almost 2km and consists of various buildings: Oceanographic (biggest aquarium in Europe), Palace of the Arts (performance arts, opera, theater and musicals), Science museum, El Hemisferic (movie projection room), L’Umbracle (garden equipped as a viewpoint). This complex is fun to visit both during day and night.

3. Lonja de la Seda (Silk Exchange)

This is one of the most beautiful examples of gothic architecture. This building is listed on the Unesco world heritage list. It was built during the 15th century as the main building for silk trading. You can enter for only 2 Euro’s and it’s wonderful to look at the architecture.

must see Valencia, 6 must see attractions in Valencia

4. Beach in Valencia

Valencia owns a clean and wide sand beach with a super fun boulevard. You will find the beach at the far end of the city, close to the city of Art and Science. You can perfectly ride a bicycle here and relax at the beach. Numerous restaurants can also be found here, and my favorite restaurant in town is at the end of the beach: La Mas Bonita. They have a terrace with view over the beach and an extensive menu with something good to eat for every moment of the day.

must see Valencia, 6 must see attractions in Valencia

5. Albufera

This is Europe’s biggest Nature park close to a big city. Total reach is 21.000 hectare and the lake spans 3.000 hectare. Various species of birds and fish can be found here. You can take a traditional fishers boat for a beautiful trip. You will find this wonderful park about 15 km away from center of town, you can ride a bicycle here or take the bus (bus 25) for €1.50.

6. Jardin del Turia

This park has a length of 9 km and crosses the whole town. Once, the river Turia passed here and now it turned into a multifunctional park with various playing fields and playgrounds. It is a peaceful oasis and biking roads are everywhere, allowing you to view the whole park.

Tip: Are you looking for a great festival in Valencia? Las Falles of Valencia is a must visit!

These are my 6 must see attractions in Valencia! What are your must see attractions in Valencia?

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must see Valencia, 6 must see attractions in Valencia
La Casita de Palomar



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