How to book a cheap flight?

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Booking cheap airline tickets is something we all want. But it has become increasingly difficult in recent years to achieve this. There are so many things to keep in mind. Air travel prices have become increasingly insane, due to all surcharges that are charged. There are also several stubborn fables in circulation. How to book a cheap flight?

I explain the most frequently asked questions and fables about how to book a cheap flight.

Is flying on Tuesdays cheapest?

A few years ago, it suddenly appeared on various websites. You can best book an airline ticket on Tuesday afternoon. I had also accepted this for a long time. After all, everyone said it and I read it on the web. The argument backing this was that on Tuesday and Wednesday most airlines put their new discounts online. And this gives you the most chance of finding a super offer.

But from my own experience, I’d say it’s a stubborn fable and nothing more. Airlines and travel organizations are experiencing severe competition, so prices change throughout the year. The time of booking can make a big difference. For example, early in the morning or evening bookings are usually cheaper than during the daytime. Between 9:00 and 17:00 many business travelers book their flights.

Do you have to book a return trip?

Booking a return flight is not always the most advantageous. Sometimes it may be cheaper to book two singles. I regularly book two singles, often with two different companies. There you can save a lot of money and another great advantage is that you can also get better flight times. And if you found a cheap flight, book them directly with the airline.

An open jaw book can also be more advantageous. This means that you book the return journey to and from a different destination. For example, from Amsterdam and flying back to Düsseldorf. Then you book two single trips and especially on intercontinental destinations this can deliver an advantage.

book cheap flight, How to book a cheap flight?


Is a last minute cheaper?

Last minute bookings are really pastimes. This is certainly not advantageous. For booking an airline ticket, the various comparison sites are your best friend today. The best time to book is six to eight weeks before the departure date. The price of an airplane ticket depends on the demand and is closely monitored. A flight is more expensive if the airline expects many bookings. So, of course, the autumn holiday has more expensive tickets than a week before or after.

Being flexible can take a lot of money. And if you can not be flexible with the dates, you can also choose to be flexible with the destination. On various sites you can also fill in certain dates, and then choose to keep the destination open or, for example, just fill in the country. This way you can see where you can get the best deal on the date you want to go.

Are error fares a real thing or not?

Error fares means you can really fly cheap. An airline sometimes makes an error (a so-called error fare) with the introduction of rates. Of course, the error is always detected and resolved so you should not think about it but book immediately. You can be informed about error fares via email alert for these actions and various Facebook pages.

book cheap flight, How to book a cheap flight?

Is flying from different airports a good tip for cheaper flight tickets?

This is a very good strategy to find cheap airline tickets. For example, some sites allow you to enter departures from the Netherlands. The site searches for airline tickets from all Dutch airports. Of course, that can be true for Belgium and Germany, with for example, Düsseldorf. And yes, this makes a difference because some holidays in Germany are, for example, in periods other than in the Netherlands.

Does it help to delete your search history?

The theory behind this is that airline companies are boosting their ticket prices. They can see from your search history that you have shown interest in a particular flight. However, this has never been proven to work or not. Just to be sure you can do this as well. No benefit means no harm done either.

Do you have any tips for how to book a cheap flight ticket?


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