The route to see the highlights of Tel Aviv in 1 day!

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a cool city to visit. It is the city of freedom in Israel. The city is ideal for a city trip (I did that), but also a nice start or end of your journey through Israel. Tel Aviv is ideal for culture lovers, beachgoers and for the city trip enthusiast! The city is the economic center of Israel and in this city you see relatively few synagogues and orthodox Jews and the army and the police are quite absent in the streets. This is in contrast to, for example, in Jerusalem or Gaza. It is a city where people work, celebrate and lie on the beach. I made a great city trip to Tel Aviv and the city is bustling and very interesting with a lot of highlights!

I have created the ideal route to see the highlights of Tel Aviv in 1 day!

Rent a bicycle

Start the day by renting a bike, because that is the perfect way to explore Tel Aviv and see all the hightlights. Tel Aviv is well-organized and flat. Many hotels rent out bicycles and they also have a bike rental system at 200 locations throughout the city. Cycle paths have been laid out in many places and you can enjoy relaxing cycling. Some streets do not have cycle paths and sometimes the bike path stops suddenly and the rules are a bit unclear. Do you have to cycle on the road next to the cars or on the sidewalk near the pedestrians? I think it’s allowed both. There are no real bicycle parking facilities in Tel Aviv and sometimes it was a bit of a search where I could get rid of the bike.highlights Tel Aviv, The route to see the highlights of Tel Aviv in 1 day!

Start your day with a visit to Jaffa

In the south of Tel Aviv is Jaffa and Jaffa is a walled and originally Arab city that has been added to Tel Aviv since 1950. From the boulevard you can easily cycle to this part and the clock tower is a clear landmark that you are in Jaffa. Jaffa is one of the best highlights of Tel Aviv! Start your bike ride in time and you’ll be in Jaffa before busloads of tourists arrive! Park your bike somewhere (for example at the Kedumin Square), because Jaffa’s streets are not suitable for cycling. In Jaffa you go back in time and wander through lovely narrow streets with old houses, small shops and everywhere you see stairs.

The highlights in Jaffa, Tel Aviv:
The flea market (Shuk Hapishpeshim). Here you can feel that you are in the Middle East. They really sell everything here and some things are cool, but there is also a lot of junk. If you want to buy something, always negotiate about the price!

The port. This port is 5,000 years old and is the oldest port in the world. You see fishermen catching the fish and they deliver them directly to one of the many restaurants that are located at this old port.

HaPisga Park. Here you have a great view of Tel Aviv. There are a number of archaeological finds to rummage in the park. Do not forget to make a wish at the famous Wishing Bridge. Put your hands on your constellation, look at the sea and make a wish!

– There are several galleries and art shops in this district.

highlights Tel Aviv, The route to see the highlights of Tel Aviv in 1 day!

Then cycle to the Neve Tzedek district

This district is slightly north of Jaffa and if you cycle back to the beach promenade you go right after the large parking lot you see. Neve Tzedek is the district where Tel Aviv once started and is the first Jewish district outside Jaffa and the neighborhood is very cozy and beautiful. We have driven the many streets by bicycle, without a map and so the beautiful houses have been admired. The houses are characterized by low-rise and with designer elements from the Art Nouveau style. It is currently one of the most expensive and most popular neighborhoods in the city.highlights Tel Aviv, The route to see the highlights of Tel Aviv in 1 day!

Cross the Eilat road and see street art in Florentin

From the Neve Tzedek district it is only a street crossing and then you are in a totally different part of Tel Aviv. Florentin is a feast for the eye of the street art lovers and I love it. This district is one of the best highlights of Tel Aviv!  We parked our bikes on the Arbarbanelstreet and from there we walked zigzagging through the neighborhood. The neighborhood looks rather dilapidated and has a totally different atmosphere. Street art is tolerated in this district and therefore you see a cool mural on every garage door, wall, porch, fence. Florentin street is a nice street in this district where you can relax in a cafe. Remember that street art is quite dynamic and what you see today can be removed or re-painted tomorrow!

highlights Tel Aviv, The route to see the highlights of Tel Aviv in 1 day!
Streetart in Florentin

5 minutes further is the Shuk HaCarmel market

Leave the Florentin district via the Shalma Road and after a few minutes you are at the Shuk HaCarmel market. This is the oldest and largest market in Tel Aviv and is open every day of the week. Park your bike at the large parking lot you see and enter the hustle and bustle of the market. The products you find here are vegetables, fruit, freshly baked bread, herbs, but also cheap clothing, accessories, electronics and it is the best place to buy cheap souvenirs.

highlights Tel Aviv, The route to see the highlights of Tel Aviv in 1 day!
Shuk HaCarmel

Continue on Rothschild boulevard

From the market you can see a sign to the Rothschild Boulevard that starts 600 meters away. This is the hippest and most beautiful street in Tel Aviv and is very bicycle friendly. Left and right are the cars and in the middle of the boulevard are beautiful trees and a bicycle and walking path has been created. This boulevard houses beautiful houses in the Bauhaus architecture. There are benches everywhere and there are a number of kiosks. We have put the bike aside and bought our lunch at one of the kiosks and sit on a bench and let the beautiful surroundings work on us.

highlights Tel Aviv, The route to see the highlights of Tel Aviv in 1 day!
Rothschild Boulevard

Cycle towards the beach via Rabin Square

Cycle the entire Rothschild boulevard and go via the Ibn Gabrirol street to the Rabin Square. On this square is the town hall (which is quite ugly) and there is also a memorial in memory of Yitzhak Rabin who was murdered in this place in 1995. The square is large, bare and boring, but an important place in the history of the country and the state and therefore worth stopping for a while. This square is one of the important highlights of Tel Aviv.

highlights Tel Aviv, The route to see the highlights of Tel Aviv in 1 day!
Rabin square

Cycling over the boulevard from the beach to the old harbor

Directly at the Rabin square is the Frishmann street and via this road you cycle to the beach and there you turn right (the northern direction). Your bike is wonderful on the boulevard and you will pass a number of beaches, including Gordon beach, Hilton beach (the fanciest beach), Nordau Seperate beach and Metzitzim beach. You can see the gay beach and 300 meters away is the beach for orthodox Jews and a bit further a beach for dogs. At the end of the beaches you reach the old port, Namal Tel Aviv. This is a place where you can eat, shop and stroll. Do you still have energy then cycle a bit further and go all the way to the north and cross the Yarkon River and cycle around in the park.

highlights Tel Aviv, The route to see the highlights of Tel Aviv in 1 day!

Cycle back to view the sunset at a beach cafe

Keep an eye on the time and make sure you turn around in time and watch the sunset from the beach at one of the nice beach cafe’s. The beach is on top of my list of highlights of Tel Aviv!

highlights Tel Aviv, The route to see the highlights of Tel Aviv in 1 day!

These are the highlights of Tel Aviv which I have seen on 1 day. What do think are the best highlights of Tel Aviv?

General information on Tel Aviv

– Keep in mind that it is not a cheap city and the prices are equal or even higher than in Europe.

– Do not worry too much about the route, because there are signs indicating the sights on various places in the city.

– Check that there are no public holidays when you are in Tel Aviv. Shops, companies, museums and public institutions are often closed during holidays.

– If you have a valid E.U. passport then you can travel to Tel Aviv without a visa. However, your passport must still be valid for at least six months at the time you leave Israel again. Upon arrival you will receive a so-called ‘blue card’ as an entry visa. So you do not get a stamp in your passport. When you leave the country you get an exit visa, the so-called ‘Pink Card’.

– Within the Jewish faith, Saturday is the day of rest, the Shabbat. The Sabbath starts during the sunset on the Friday and lasts about 25 hours. Shops and companies are closed on Saturdays and museums and attractions often have different opening times. Public transport is stopped during the Shabbat. Taxis do run there, but in smaller numbers.highlights Tel Aviv, The route to see the highlights of Tel Aviv in 1 day!

Hotel Tel Aviv

I slept at the hotel Brown Beach house and this is a great hotel. The location is a 1 minute walk from the beach and the breakfast is delicious. They have a nice garden at the hotel with a jacuzzi and a few tanning beds where you can relax. During your stay you can get excellent bikes here for free.

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highlights Tel Aviv, The route to see the highlights of Tel Aviv in 1 day!
Brown Beach House by Brown Hotels


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