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Hafez’ Tomb in the city of Shiraz, Iran


Hafez’ Tomb is a tomb situated in the city of Shiraz. This tomb is dedicated to the poet Hafez. Hafez lived in this city in the 14th century and is generally regarded as one of the greatest poets the world has known. Sometimes it is said of Iranians that they always will have two things at home: a Koran and a book with Hafez’ poetry. Poetry is an important part of the live of Iranians.

You can’t miss a visit to Hafez’ Tomb in Shiraz when you’re in Iran!

The poet Hafez

Hafez of Shiraz (1320-1390) is generally regarded as one of the greatest Iranian poets and is also called the Shakespeare of Persian literature. Hafez is a true hero of the people in Iran and very much alive inside the hearts of Iranians. Literally Hafez means “he who can recite the Koran by head”. His real name is Shams al-Din Mohammad Shirazi and unfortunately, not much is known about him.

Hafez' Tomb Shiraz, Hafez’ Tomb in the city of Shiraz, Iran

In poetry, Hafez is known for his use of original metaphors when it comes to wisdom, suppression, freedom and faith. Yet, love is the most important subject in all his works. Remarkably, wine is also an important subject for Hafez as well.

Funny fact is that during the Iranian revolution of 1979, these to favorite subjects of Hafez caused a problem. Wine and love are very delicate subjects indeed in an Islamic Republic. But because of Hafez’ popularity the regime decided to give a different explanation to “wine” and “love”. Wine became a metaphor for “God” and love is a metaphor for the “love for God”. Pretty pragmatic if you ask me!

So loved is Hafez in Iran, that practically everyone owns one of his books. The following saying pretty much sums it up: “what will you definitely take when you need to run? Answer: Hafez’ poetry, because his poetry will always be with you, whether it be inside your head or in your pocket.”

Hafez' Tomb Shiraz, Hafez’ Tomb in the city of Shiraz, Iran

Hafez’ Tomb in Shiraz

It is a site of pilgrimage for all lovers of Hafez’ poetry. This tomb is visited by many people from Shiraz itself and from people from all over Iran. Just outside are some men with a parakeet on their arm and a box with Hafez’ poetry. A few Toman will get you a parakeet which will pick a poem from the box which will be recited to you. A super nice experience indeed!

For Iranians this tomb is a real shrine. The tomb also has an impressive memorial hall. You will hear Iranian music and Hafez’ poems softly, in the garden surrounding the tomb. It’s really awesome to walk around in this magnificent garden, together with the huge number of Iranians. Very relaxing and impressive at the same time. Listening to Iranians reciting Hafez’ poetry truly is a unique experience. Persian culture at its best!

Entrance fee and location Hafez’ Tomb in Shiraz

  • Like many other sights in Iran, you will pay 200.000 (about 6 Euros) Rial as a tourist as entrance fee to Hafez’ tomb. Iranians pay a much smaller entrance fee.
  • Opening hours: 24 hours a day
  • Hafeziye street, Shiraz

Hafez' Tomb Shiraz, Hafez’ Tomb in the city of Shiraz, Iran


Getting in contact with Iranians who know a lot about Hafez’ poetry is extremely fascinating. Practically every Iranian knows a Hafez’ poem by head. It’s great to see and to listen to. They will tell about Hafez with passion. So much passion in fact, that I bought a poetry collection of Hafez in English straight after my visit to the tomb! Iranians are curious and friendly people and are happy to talk to you. Don’t hesitate and make sure to start up a conversation with one of the visiting people there.


There are a few nice hotels to stay in Shiraz, but I really loved my stay in The Niayesh Boutique hotel. Traditional house in the center of Shiraz. Perfect quiet location in the old city. The staff is kind, helpful and speak good English.

Hafez' Tomb Shiraz, Hafez’ Tomb in the city of Shiraz, Iran



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