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Goa, the three best beaches


Goa is the smallest state of India and here you will find what you almost can’t find in India: peace and quiet! From north to south, the state is about 100 km long and from east to west up to 50 km wide. Goa is the best beach destination of India. It has a Portuguese colonial past and therefore Goa has its own character which is not comparable to the rest of India. Years ago, there were mostly hippies in Goa, but today it is fun for everyone to visit Goa. You will find large hotel resorts, but also Indian culture and Portuguese history. Goa, what are the best beaches to visit?

It’s difficult to choose so I described for Goa the three beaches.

1. Palolem

My absolute favorite is Palolem in southern Goa. Palolem has the most beautiful beach of Goa. Relaxed, many low budget accommodations, small-scale, palm trees, nice beach tents and a vast sand beach are the characteristics of Palolem. This is a popular place for backpackers. Typical are also the cows that are found on the beach every day. Unfortunately, Palolem is becoming more and more popular and thus also increasingly busy.

Tip: visit a silent disco in the evening. A unique experience!

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Goa best beaches, Goa, the three best beaches

2. Anjuna

Anjuna is one of India’s most famous seaside resorts. The famous flea market held here every Wednesday is also great fun to visit. Characteristic of Anjuna is that it is an old hippie place and very much loved by hippies and backpackers. Tea stalls, yoga schools and centers for spiritual workshops dominate the street scene here. The beaches are not as beautiful as other places in Goa, but it’s the atmosphere that makes everyone feel comfortable in Anjuna.

Tip: Also from other places in Goa, the flea market on Wednesday is a must-see.

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Goa best beaches, Goa, the three best beaches

3. Baga Beach

Goa’s most popular and busiest beach is Baga Beach. For Indian terms this is a free place. Here you have rows of sunbeds with umbrellas. The vendors of fruit, cigarettes, books and DVDs are massively present on the beach and in the streets of Baga Beach. The many beach tents, called Goa shacks, often have loud music. On Saturday there is a Night Bazar. There are enough people who find Baga Beach to western, but sometimes it may also be nice to be in a tourist spot for a few days.

Tip: An evening at the famous Tito’s club can not be missed during your stay at Baga Beach.

Tip: If you are in Baga Beach, search for this sign. I really think it’s the strangest sign of beach rules I’ve ever seen!

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Goa best beaches, Goa, the three best beaches
Baga Beach

When to go?

The temperatures are around 25 to 30 degrees throughout the year. However, Goa knows the moesson in the months of June to September, so there is a lot of rainfall. It is not advisable to visit Goa during that time. The best travel time is from November to March, while it is very busy during the Christmas and Diwali period.

These are in Goa the three best beaches! What’s your favorite beach in Goa?

Goa best beaches, Goa, the three best beaches


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