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14 fun facts about Tenerife

fun facts tenerife

Tenerife is the largest island of the Canary Islands. With about three and a half million visitors a year, Tenerife is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe. But step beyond the tourist spots and you will discover an island that is extraordinarily diverse! I have collected some fun facts about Tenerife for you! Things you didn’t know about this fun island!

14 fun facts about Tenerife

Fun facts about Tenerife

1. The flag Tenerife is the same as that of Scotland, this is because St Andrew is the patron saint of the island.

2. 43% of the whole Canary Islands population lives on Tenerife.

3. The canary bird is named after the islands, not the other way around.

4. On Tenerife on Tuesday the 13th is considered bad luck. And so not Friday the 13th as in many countries in the world.

5. Tenerife (and the rest of the Canary Islands) has a different time zone compared to the rest of Spain.

fun facts Tenerife, 14 fun facts about Tenerife

6. National Park Teide on Tenerife is the second most visited park in the whole world.

7. One in six people on the island of Tenerife is involved in tourism.

8. About 5 times more people visit Tenerife every year than there are people living there.

9. Tenerife Thai-themed water park, Siam Park, has the highest slide in the world.

10. Tenerife has 300 sunny days a year.

fun facts Tenerife, 14 fun facts about Tenerife

11. El Medano is the longest beach in Tenerife and it stretches for two kilometers.

12. Many of Tenerife’s beaches are not natural, but man-made. This is due to the volcanic nature. nieke black lava beaches

13. Did you know that Tenerife is closer to the coast of Africa than it is to Europe?

14. In Tenerife the locals love carnival! It’s fierce with a lot of dancers and feathers. The second biggest carnival is in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

fun facts Tenerife, 14 fun facts about Tenerife


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