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Flying in a hot air balloon above Granada


A great way to see Granada and its surroundings is by flying over it in a hot air balloon. This is an unforgettable and incredibly cool experience. The area surrounding Granada is breathtakingly beautiful and it really is best seen from the sky down. Flying in a hot air balloon over Granada is an hour of breathtaking views. In my opinion, the most beautiful views of all of Spain.

I enjoyed every second in the hot air balloon over Granada and it was an hour of ultimate joy for me. So glad I did this!

What will you see from the hot air balloon above Granada?

The area around Guadix is Europe’s largest ‘cave region’ that’s still inhabited, with approximately 2000 cave houses, all in varying states of maintenance. Most cave houses are painted white or light blue, and with their thick walls the temperature in these homes is always around 19 degrees throughout the year. Ideal with the heat in summer. It’s immensely interesting to see this village from above!

hot air balloon Granada, Flying in a hot air balloon above Granada

The Sierra Nevada is a mountain range in Andalusia. With sixteen mountain peaks above 3000 meters, the Sierra Nevada is, after the Alps, the second highest mountain range in Europe. This is a popular hiking and skiing area. It goes without saying that it is great to admire this nature area from above.

The sunrise is always a beautiful thing, but seeing the sun rise up from a hot air balloon with the Sierra Nevada in the back is incredible.

The 360 degree panoramic views, as far as you can see, are spectacular. On one hand you will see a town and agricultural areas and on the other side mountains and cave houses.

The Alhambra is a world famous building, which was a fortress/palace/citadel/house for sultans and their entourage in the 13th and 14th centuries. It’s on the UNESCO world heritage list and is absolutely stunning. From up high you really see how impressive and beautiful it is.

hot air balloon Granada, Flying in a hot air balloon above Granada

In a hot air balloon above Granada

Around six o’clock in the morning you’ll be picked up from your hotel in Granada and go to the place where the hot air balloon will take off from. This is about an hour’s drive away from the city. You get a short security briefing and afterwards the balloons are blown up and you can climb into your basket. This basket can accommodate up to ten people.

Then the balloon rises and floats about an hour above this amazing area. And there’s only one thing you can think of: how beautiful the world i,l so early in the morning! Especially when seen from a few hundred meters above the ground. The whole hour of the ballooning experience is pure serenity. The pilot makes sure that the air balloon rises or falls now and then, but it is the wind that determines the flight direction, of course.

hot air balloon Granada, Flying in a hot air balloon above Granada

What’s so much fun about a hot air balloon above Granada?

It is often thought that ballooning is scary, but that’s definitely not the case. For those with a fear of heights, it is even advisable to experience once. Because the view is very panoramic and you have no contact with the ground, the fear of height really matters.

The special thing about a balloon ride is that everything seems to be in slow-motion and that’s something almost magical to experience. What I also really liked to see is how the animals respond to a hot air balloon. They are going to run and people on the ground all wake up. Another nice advantage is that you fly at the pace of wind and therefore it’s never windy and not so cold in a hot air air balloon Granada, Flying in a hot air balloon above Granada

Have you ever flown in a hot air balloon over Granada? I’m curious where and what you thought about it!

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