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Sponsored products, tours and services

On TRVLMRK.com articles appear in which I mention products, travel and services. Often, these are things that I have paid for or have found, but it sometimes happens that companies and organizations send me products. Also, regularly I get offered trips or other services.

Although I have not purchased these products myself or have not paid for these trips myself, I am always as honest as possible about what I think. If I don’t like something, then it will not be posted at all or you will read my honest opinion about it.

When an item contains a product, service or trip that I have not paid for by myself or which has arisen through paid cooperation, this will be clearly stated in the article.


Sometimes articles from third parties also appear on TRVLMRK.com. These are usually called advertorials and are sometimes posts written by third parties or partly by me. These are also items that I can receive a fee for. A lot of time and money is spent on TRVLMRK.com and this can be funded by advertorials. There will never be advertorials for products and/or companies that I do not support.


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