Delay or cancellation of your flight? EUclaim!


It is very annoying when your holiday starts or ends with stress and irritation because your flight is delayed or canceled. Are you ready at the airport to catch your flight and then it doesn’t go as planned. From my own experience I know that such a thing is extremely frustrating! But did you know that in these cases you are probably eligible for financial compensation? Unfortunately, many travelers are not aware of these rights, which is why I write this article to point this out!

Simply claim your compensation in case of delay or cancellation of your flight at EUclaim!

Delay or cancellation of my flight

As a travel blogger I get on average twice a month in an airplane and occasionally I have to deal with a flight that is delayed. I always get grumpy, especially when it’s on the way out! For me it feels like lost vacation time. But even if it is on the way back, I do not like this. At an airport I am enjoying myself by taking a walk, looking at some shops and eating something. But spend hours at an airport? I always find that boring!

During one of my recent flights I was completely fed up. My flight departed from Granada via Madrid to Amsterdam, but because the flight from Granada was delayed, I missed the connection of my flight from Madrid to Amsterdam. Because of this I could only fly to Amsterdam the next day and I had to spend a night in an airport hotel in Madrid. This delay meant that I had to squeeze in all kinds of turns, but the worst thing was that I missed an important appointment. I was so annoyed that I went on the internet to see if I was entitled to anything and that is how I ended up at EUclaim.

EUclaim, Delay or cancellation of your flight? EUclaim!

Why did I opt for EUclaim?

I started googling the internet and opted to use EUclaim. The reason for this was that for more than ten years they have been helping air passengers collect a fee for a delayed or canceled flight. They have years of experience and a success rate of 97%!

How did my application go at EUclaim?

I have submitted the details of my delayed flight at the website of EUclaim. An online file has been created immediately, so that I can easily upload and add the documents and that is how I have been kept informed of every step. That way I knew exactly what the status of my application was. It turned out that the amount I am entitled to in the delay that I had in Madrid is €400,-. super nice! They have filed for me the claim with the Spanish airline and they have completely taken care of the compensation.

From my own experience I can tell you that the process via EUclaim was very nice with me and that’s why I like to share this with you!

EUclaim, Delay or cancellation of your flight? EUclaim!
When are you entitled to a reimbursement?

Since 2005, there’s the European Union Regulation 261/2004. The rights of the air passengers are recorded here. The most important thing stated here is that a passenger is entitled to a financial compensation if:

● Your flight is delayed for at least 3 hours.
● Your flight is canceled shortly before departure.
● Your flight is overbooked.
● You missed your connecting flight due to earlier delay or cancellation.
● You have been refused entry.
● There is no extraordinary circumstance

What you have to pay attention to is that your flight must depart from an EU country or that you have a flight that leaves from a non-EU country but flies to a country that is located in the EU. The condition is also that you fly with an airline company from Europe.

Do you have more than three hours delay with your flight? Then you are entitled to a maximum of € 600,-!

Check here if you are entitled to a refund!

EUclaim, Delay or cancellation of your flight? EUclaim!

How much money can you get back?

What I did not know and what also surprised me, is that the amount of your reimbursement does not depend on the amount you paid for your ticket. The amount of the reimbursement depends on the number of hours of delay and the number of kilometers of your flight.

See below the maximum reimbursements per distance:

Flight destinations within the EU:
€250 compensation for a flight up to 1500 km
€400 compensation for a flight of more than 1500 km

Flight destinations outside the EU:
€250 compensation for a flight up to 1500 km
€400 compensation for a flight from 1500 km to 3500 km
€600 compensation for a flight of more than 3500 km

EUclaim, Delay or cancellation of your flight? EUclaim!

What do you have to do to get your money back?

If you meet the aforementioned conditions, you can contact EUclaim. They give free advice on your rights to compensation in case of a delayed flight. EUclaim helps you with your questions and gives you more information and can help you to receive your reimbursement.

On the website from EUclaim you can fill in your flight number and the date of your flight and check for free if you are entitled to a reimbursement. After you have submitted this information, EUclaim will start working. They check your flight details and check whether you are entitled to a reimbursement. It is also possible to file a claim for multiple passengers at once.

Did you know that you can get compensation for a flight up to two years ago?

As mentioned earlier, it is important that there is no extraordinary circumstance. If this is not the case then EUclaim accepts your request. You will then receive data by e-mail and with that you can consult your file online. This contains all the information about your claim and you will stay informed of the entire process by means of this file. In this online dossier you add the documents and data that EUclaim needs. By email you will receive a power of attorney which you must sign (digitally) and thus EUclaim can submit the claim to the relevant airline company on your behalf. After EUclaim has all this information, it will contact the airline company in writing. And so you can all follow this in the online file.

Keep in mind that the whole process takes a few weeks and this has to do with the speed with which the airline company responds and transfers the amount. On average, it takes 4 to 8 weeks before you receive the compensation (minus the success fee and administration costs).

Check here if you can get compensated!

EUclaim, Delay or cancellation of your flight? EUclaim!

What does EUclaim need from you?

Actually, they do not need so much of you. Only your flight data: the flight number and date of the delayed flight. They also need a copy of your passport. For some airlines you need a boarding pass, but for others a booking confirmation is sufficient.

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