Cycling in Paris: a lot of fun!

fietsen Parijs

Cycling in Paris is not the first thing you think of when you visit this city. Paris is, however, nicknamed not only the “City of Light”, but also the “City of Cars”. But make no mistake, because it becomes more and more a bicycle city. Many bicycle paths have been constructed in the last years, the so called “pistes cyclables”. This makes cycling in this city more and more easy and safe, despite the heavy traffic. The Dutch love cycling! I find getting to know a city by bike a very nice way of doing so, and that is why I like cycling in Paris! 

Read how I have done cycling in Paris it and what I think about it!

Why go cycling in Paris with a bicycle tour and a guide

Paris is a city with an outstanding public transport network. The metro is reliable and brings you quickly to the location where you want to be. But by bike you see so much more! It gives you a feeling of completely blending in with the city. The city does not pass you by; you are in the middle of it.

Bicycle tours with a Dutch guide are my favourite because in this way, you get to hear a lot about the city. And often it is exactly the things that can not be found in the travel guides but are very nice to know. You discover the city in a different way from the average tourist! I went cycling with an organized bike tour with a guide via BajaBikes.

cycling in Paris, Cycling in Paris: a lot of fun!

Bicycle tour: The secrets of Paris

I have been in Paris already for a number of times and that is why I did a three-hour tour called “The secrets of Paris”. I especially did not do a tour of all well-known highlights, but one that allowed me to see a number of spots that I did not know of yet. So we saw the house with the most beautiful facade in Paris, Arenes de Lutece (a really cool amphitheater), various churches and squares, but also Jardin de Luxembourg and the Pantheon. We cycled across the Champs Elysees, something simply very cool to do.

cycling in Paris, Cycling in Paris: a lot of fun!

My experiences about cycling in Paris

Despite a temperature of 36 degrees in Paris, I enjoyed this tour. Luckily, there were enough shadows and breaks so as to keep going. The guide told us about many nice facts about the city. I did the bike tour on my first day and it gives a nice orientation of the city right away. This way, I went back to a very beautiful place by the Seine, where we had cycled, so as to see it peacefully one more time on foot. As far as I am concerned, cycling is recommended!

Hotel Paris

I love the CitizenM Gare du Lyon Hotel. It’s great value for the money and I loved the check-in/out experience that is not dependent on hotel personnel. Breakfast was very nice. Location of the hotel is very central. This hotel is absolutely briljant and everything in the room controlled by technology. The absolute best bed I have ever slept in.

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cycling in Paris, Cycling in Paris: a lot of fun!
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